Super Easy Snowflake Stocking

Each year my friend Jodi and I make felt stockings for friends and family. We find felt so easy and satisfying to work with so we never tire of making them. We're both last minute Charlies so it's great that we can whip up a few of these in one evening! Each year we change the theme of the stockings since the possibilities of shapes you can make with felt are endless. This is mostly thanks to fact that it has a finished edge simply by cutting it. The pink and cream color palette we chose for the Purl Bee Christmas just enhanced how clean and contemporary our felt stockings feel.

Snowflakes are one of our themes for Christmas week on the Purl Bee and I had a great time figuring out how to make delicate snowflakes from felt to adorn these stockings. The beauty of the snowflakes is that they look as though they took hours to make each one when they were actually really quick and easy! 

Happy Holidays! --Page

Happy Holidays! --Page

The Materials


To make one stocking:


Download and Print our Felt Stocking template here.

Download and print our Tiny Felt Snowflakes template here (if you use iron-on transfer pencil method to make the snowflakes) or download and print our Felt Snowflake Template here (if you decide to use the freehand method).


Cut Felt

Download and print the stocking template from above. Tape the body and foot templates together.

Cut two cuff pieces from the cuff felt and two stocking pieces from the stocking felt. Save the remaining ecru felt for your snowflakes.

Sew cuff and stocking

Sew one cuff piece to one stocking piece as pictured above.

Repeat with the other cuff and stocking with the stocking facing the opposite direction.

Press seams open.

Layer the two halves with the exposed seams facing out. Sew with a 1/4- inch seam allowance around the outside edge of the stocking and cuff using the pink thread.

Use your pinking shears to cut around the entire edge of the stocking and cuff. Make sure you only cut 1/8- inch in from the edge so you don't cut the seam! Fold the pink cuff over at the seam.

Trace, sew and cut snowflakes

There are two methods below to make the snowflake pattern on the felt.

Iron-on Transfer Pencil Method

Download and print the Tiny Felt Snowflakes Template above. You will see that each snowflake shape comes in three sizes and each is surrounded by a circle.

Using the iron-on transfer pencil, trace all the circles and snowflakes directly onto the print out. Cut out each circle just outside the line so that you don't cut off the iron-on pencil.

With a hot iron transfer circles and snowflakes onto ecru felt that was left over after you cut out the stocking. It will take approximately 40 seconds of pressing firmly with the iron to get the transfer dark enough. Keep the iron moving during this time so you don't burn the paper or felt.

If you would like to make more than one of each size and shape, re-trace the circles and snowflakes and repeat the above step.

Freehand Method

Download and print this Felt Snowflake Template above if you would like to create your own snowflake shapes.

Using something circular of the appropriate size as a guide and the pink pencil, draw four 2-inch circles, four 2.5-inch circles, and four 3-inch circles onto the ecru felt. Cut out all the circles.

Snowflake style 1

Using the pink pencil and the ruler, draw a line down the middle of the circle. Now using the 60 degree angle triangle from the Snowflake Template, make two marks on each half to form 6 pie wedges that are each at 60 degree angles. Complete the pie wedges by connecting the marks with solid lines that intersect at the center of the circle. Now draw three more lines that are half as long through the center mark that divide it into 12 pie wedges all together. These are easy to freehand.

Snowflake style 2

This snowflake has the same framework as the first. Using the pink pencil and the ruler, draw a line down the middle of the circle. Now using the 60 degree angles on the ruler, make two marks on each half to form 6 pie wedges that are each at 60 degree angles. Complete the pie wedges by connecting the marks with solid lines that intersect at the center of the circle. On the outside of each line (this is the same measurement for all 3 sizes) measure a 1/2-inch in from the outside of the circle. At this point draw two arms coming off the long pie wedge line. Make sure to angle these little arms at approximately 45 degrees.

Stitch Snowflakes

With your sewing machine threaded with the pink thread, sew over the snowflake patterns. There is no need to cut the thread each time you move from one line to another. Just lift the foot, reposition the snowflake, lower the foot and start sewing again. (Note: It really helps to use the needle down function with sewing the little arms on snowflake style 2).

Snip thread ends off as close to the felt as possible. Using the small scissors, trim all the excess felt that is around and between your sewn lines. The closer you get to the sewn line, the more delicate the snowflake will feel, but be careful not to cut your sewn line. To give it that extra special touch, snip the end of each appendage to a point. It really completes the snowflake look.

Arrange the snowflakes on both the cuff and body of the stocking and affix with the glue. You only need small dabs. If you choose not to use glue, you can sew on each snowflake with a simple stitch at the center of each snowflake.

I hope you have as much fun making this as I did!

Happy Holidays!  --Page

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  1. Becca says:

    These are so cute! I wish I could get the template to come up, but I just get a black screen–anyone else having trouble?

  2. purl bee says:

    Hi Becca,
    I just sent you an email with the templates attached, hope you can open them there.
    I can’t find any problem with them here.
    Let me know if we can do anything else!

  3. Ginny says:

    Yes, I'm having trouble with opening up the templates as well. I too get the black screen. Would you mind e-mailing the template to me? I would love to try this!


  4. purl bee says:

    Hi Ginny,
    I just sent the templates to you via email. Please let us know if you need anything else.
    Enjoy! Joelle

  5. Cynthia says:

    These are darling–I love the snowflakes. I think I'll try hand-stitching them on before I stitch the edges of the stocking together.

  6. antonella says:

    I linked you in my blog

    thanks for sharing

  7. Anuszka says:


  8. Ebony says:

    Excited to make these for christmas! What size paper do you print the template on? A4?

  9. purl bee says:

    Hi Ebony-

    Yes, just regular 8.5 X 11 paper will do!

    Thank you!


  10. Mary says:

    When do you add the loop used to hang the stocking? Thanks!

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