Craft Hope for Haiti!

As all of you know the crafting community is both caring and generous. People who make things by hand have a strong inclination to give those things away. Because of this helpful, creative streak we know so many of you will share our interest in and will want to support the Etsy shop currently being hosted by Craft Hope to benefit Doctors Without Borders in Haiti.

100% of the proceeds of this shop will go to Doctors Without Borders. They have already raised over $7000 in only two days. You can donate by either buying an item here, or donating a handmade item of your own to be sold. Information on how to donate an item can be found here. We can't think of a better way to channel your creativity with so many people in such serious need of help.

There are so many lovely handmade items for sale, bags, photographs, clothing and jewelry to name a few, and there are new items being added all the time! Please consider making a donation in any way you can. Thank you!

Find all of the information you need at these links:

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14 Responses to Craft Hope for Haiti!

  1. Indie House says:

    Where did the image of the top quilt come from? I didn’t see it in the Etsy shop.


  2. purl bee says:

    Hi Indie House-
    The quilt is from the Etsy site- it must have already sold! Thanks for your comment- Molly

  3. siona says:

    ¡una preciosa iniciativa! gracias,
    un abrazo,

  4. jade says:

    thanks for such a great write up! we are close to $10,000 as of this evening for doctors without borders. this is such an amazing community and i’m grateful to be in it!

    yes, the quilt listed and sold pretty quick. its is beautiful! that’s one lucky buyer!! and one incredibly giving seller.

  5. cara says:

    i didn’t see the quilt in the sold items on the etsy either :/ any chance we can get a link? i was hoping to see the embroidery in the middle and what it all says…it’s quite stunning, that quilt.

  6. siona says:

    una preciosa iniciativa! gracias,
    un abrazo,

  7. Luciane says:

    Can I show your post in my facebook to help to make more people know about craft hope for Haiti? Ill regularly identify your post as coming from your blog.

  8. purl bee says:

    Hi Luciane- That would be fine. Thanks for your comment- Molly

  9. happy zombie says:

    I love your post! I’m breathless over the quilt you show!!! BREATH. LESS. It’s so beautiful on so many levels.

  10. Indie House says:

    I found the link to where the quilt sold , for everyone else that was curious about what the middle said here is the description from Etsy

    "Part art quilt, part folk art, part outsider art

    The large red cross in the central medallion is surrounded by hand embroidered pleas for help, comfort, forgiveness. We all face danger of one kind or another in our lives and stand in need of rescue.

    donated by Susie Swan"

  11. cara says:

    thanks indie house!

  12. Katie says:

    Thanks for posting this link. I wanted to do more than donate the small amount of cash that I had given, so through crafthope, I was able to donate a pair of earrings as well. Hopefully this will help!

  13. danielle says:

    How can I participate? I would like to donate a bear made by me.

  14. danielle says:

    I wanted to donate a bear made by me for sale for Haiti, but I guess I’m to late.
    Is ther another sale taking place for the benefit of Haiti?

    Thank you

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