Announcing The BIG Move: We’re Moving our New York shops to a BIGGER Space in Soho!

We have a BIG announcement that we are very excited to share with you:  We're combining our two teeny-tiny Soho New York Shops, Purl and Purl Patchwork into one brand new, BIG, beautiful store, also in Soho, this April!

The new space is just a few blocks away from where we are now, at 459 Broome Street between Greene and Mercer.  We'll be right next to some other great New York institutions such as Kate Spade, Gourmet Garage, Ochre and Rudy's Music, just to name a few.

Here is a map from Google that shows walking directions from our shops on Sullivan Street to our new store on Broome Street.


Any of you who have visited Purl or Purl Patchwork in New York will know when we say that our current locations are small, we aren't kidding!  The floor plans pictured above are actual to-scale representations of our shops right now compared with our new store front (seriously!).  Customers often express to us that they wish we had more room to help them with their creative projects.  Believe us when we say we have long shared that wish, so we're absolutely thrilled that we'll finally be able to provide some breathing room and space for all of your creative endeavors. Our new shop will be filled with all of the beautiful materials you have come to know and love as much as we do, as well as lots of new and exciting things we've never had room for. We're even going to have a dedicated classroom!

We have a lot of work to do in the new space before we move in, as you can see in the images above.  On the left is the new space as it currently looks, to the right is an architectural rendering of what is to come.  We're very pleased to have our friends, Architect Nick Robertson from Piano Nobile  and Carpenter James O'Malley from Brooklyn Design + Fabrication collaborating with us again to create a welcoming, spacious, functional and beautiful interior (they did all of the work inside of Purl Patchwork several years ago). 

While we couldn't be more excited about The BIG Move, we love our home on Sullivan Street so leaving our two cozy little stores will be bittersweet. We are especially going to miss our great neighbors and the warm feeling of community that this amazing block has provided over the past 8 years. It is our great hope that our new location will foster the same spirit of creativity and sense of home that our current store fronts do!

The BIG Move is taking place in mid-April 2010.   In the meantime, our shops on Sullivan Street will be open for business and filled to the brim with all of the lovely yarns and fabrics we've always had.   As we get closer to the actual BIG day we'll provide you with specific dates of the move, information on our BIG Move prizes, and details about our grand opening party.  You can keep up to date by clicking The BIG Move button on the top right of any page. Stay tuned!

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81 Responses to Announcing The BIG Move: We’re Moving our New York shops to a BIGGER Space in Soho!

  1. yasmine says:

    super congrats! i’m excited to see photos of your shop! xx

  2. Gypsy says:

    How fantastic!! I love coming to both your stores, and really enjoy the classes as well, so I’m thrilled that you’ll have a dedicated class section. Super exciting news, congratulations!!

  3. Meg says:

    Woohoo! Good luck with the move. Over the years of using your internet "store" your website is hands down the most thrilling, beautiful and inviting website I visit. Whenever asked what websites catch my eye, yours is number one. Keep your creative juices flowing. I will plan a visit to your new digs in Soho.

  4. Julie says:

    Oh how exciting! Congratulations! That’s fabulous news!

  5. knittingoutloud says:


  6. Sabrina F says:

    How exciting! Congratulations & good luck with the move :)

  7. Yohanna says:

    We just visited your store this weekend in Soho during our visit to NYC from Nebraska and I had fun looking at your store! I can’t wait to come back to visit your new bigger store!

  8. Ann says:

    I am from Utah and I was able to visit your two lovely little stores, and New York, for the first time this December while visiting my sister. It was probably one of the most stressful, exhaustive, trips I have ever been on (due to my unrealistic idea that it’s fun to travel with two small children:) But visiting the Purl’s was on the top of my to-do list, and so running on mere fumes after a red-eye flight with two screaming children, my first night in NY we walked 10 city blocks to find your jewelry box-like stores. By the time we got there the kids had passed out, and I got to enjoy the walls packed top to bottom with the brightest, prettiest yarns and fabrics ever, with a little peace. I don’t know if I can describe how I felt when I saw all those colors, all I can say is that it really was one of the highlights of that trip for me, literally:) SO thank you for creating such a beautiful creative place that was a haven for me, even if it was only for 30 minutes. It was also nice that nobody yelled at us to move the stroller that was taking up a good part of your sweet little store:) I can’t wait to visit the new space when I visit again, without my lovely littles….next time. Congratulations, and thank you!

  9. Christin says:

    I visited the small store fronts for the first time this new year’s, and am terribly excited about the big move! That’s very exciting, and I can’t wait to visit the new shop – I’ll have to start planning my trip now :)

  10. Christiane says:

    So exciting! Can’t wait to come visit!

  11. Nancy says:

    I just want to congratulate everyone – This is a great year for you and I’m sending all my very best! As the year of the Tiger… you kids are ready to "pounce" on this great exciting adventure and I’m sure going to follow it, even if it’s via the internet!!
    All my very best

  12. CraftyRachel says:

    I, too, recently moved from tight quarters on sweet little Sullivan Street to a bigger space, and I know how bittersweet it is! How lovely to spread out and have a separate classroom, and it’s just wonderful that you are still going to be in SoHo. I look forward to checking out the new digs!

  13. cindy says:

    my husband is happy because he usually waits for me outside as the shops get so crowded. i’m happy because it sounds AWESOME!

  14. Gert says:

    This is great news! I hope the move will take place mid April, ’cause we’ll be visiting New York in the last week of April , so I hope we’ll be able to see the new store. Good luck!

  15. Jenny says:

    What a sweet building to be moving into. Congratulaions!

  16. hena tayeb says:

    oh how exciting.. that is awesome.. congrats

  17. lana says:


  18. Daniel Yuhas says:

    Congratulations! So excited for the new location!

  19. Hydi says:

    Congrats a lot! When I will be in NY again i will definitly visit your shop.

  20. pauline says:

    congratulations !
    that is great news.
    good luck.

  21. Heidi says:

    OH! It IS bittersweet. But this is very cool! You guys run the very best yarn shop in NYC and I am psyched to see the new place. :O)

  22. nina says:

    Congrat! Hope you have a big sale for a big move. I checked the sale yarn but there are not many yet. I wonder if this is it or you will have more?

  23. Heidi says:

    We can’t wait to see the new stores! Our knitting group is already planning a trip up to visit after "the big move".

  24. Linda Park says:

    What wonderful news ! I’ve had to enjoy your shops from afar in New England but love receiving your newsletters and do my shopping through your site. I used to enjoy trips to visit my brother who worked in that charming neighborhood on Broome St when the Broadway Panhandler was there. I had the chance to visit your lovely yarn shop twice, mainly for the pleasure of just being there in that special environment and taking home a bag of colorful yarn right from the source, rather than by mail order. Congratulations on this exciting new shop ! I really look forward to seeing it myself and making a trip to that wonderful neighborhood again. What a great location for Purl ! My best to you – Linda

  25. gemma says:

    We were so happy to be able to enter the Sullivan Street Street stores with a wheel chair and browse the wonderful fabrics. Will your new site be wheelchair accessible as well?

  26. Jessica says:

    I started shopping at Purl one month after the opening and Joelle taught me how to knit! I was a loyal customer until my move to San Francisco 1 1/2 years ago. I have such fond memories of the turquoise storefront and all of the help I received from the lovely staff at Purl. I can’t wait to see the new space on my next NYC visit.

  27. Staci says:

    Love the idea of more room! When I visited it was tough to move around. I DO love your things so much though that having MORE to love will be great next time I am in NYC. Will the atmostphere/decor be the same? Congrats to you guys on your great success!

  28. Rose says:

    Hello I am from Melbourne, Australia and during my recent visit to New York I was on a mission to visit both of your charming stores. My husband had no choice he had to share the experience with me – which we both enjoyed.

    Congratulations on your move I am sure it will be a great success. I am already planning my next trip to your amazing city next year and of course Purl in on my must do list!

    Happy knitting & Happy Quilting!

  29. ngela says:

    sooooo exciting!!!

    Im from Portugal and i tarted to read your blog 4 years ago…
    i like your work very much…

    Congrats on the new spot!!!

    kiss and take care, ngela* ;D

  30. Terri says:

    Congratulations and I’m sure the new digs will be fantastic! I order from your website all the time, but had only been in the shop once on a trip out there. It was astounding how much beautiful fiber you had in that itty bitty space. What a great shop!

  31. Jaacqueline Rogers says:

    Happy Move Day! I have never been to New York, but the new place sounds wonderful. I feel like I know you all because Martha Stewart spoke so highly of the owner in her book Martha Rules.
    Now that you have moved. I have created a product that you may be interested in putting in your new store. Check out It is a great idea for organizing knitting needles and crochet hooks. Thanks.

    Jacqueline Rogers

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