Heart Shaped Potholders from Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing & Fabric Crafts

In celebration of the publication of Martha Stewart's Encyclopedial of Sewing & Fabric Crafts and as a special treat for Purl Bee readers Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is sharing this adorable pattern for Heart Shaped Potholders from the book. We think these would make perfect housewarming gifts!  The book will be released on March 30, 2010, you can pre-order a copy of the book from us right here.  Happy Sewing! --The Purl Bee


  • Heart-shaped pot holder pattern template, download here.
  • Appx 1/2 yard cotton batting, cut into 3 12 inch squares
  • Appx 1/2 yard cotton fabric, cut into 12 inch squares
  • 1 yard bias tape


Print three copies of pot holder pattern:

Cut one along the solid line for the fabric hearts.
Cut one along the inner dotted line for the batting.
Cut one along the diagonal line for the fabric pockets.

Stack 3 layers of cotton batting and fold them in half; align the batting template’s straight edge with the fold, and cut it out.

Fold 3 stacked 12-inch squares of cotton fabric in half; align the heart template’s straight edge with the fold, and cut it out.

Lay the pocket template on one folded fabric heart; cut on the diagonal line for pocket. Pin bias tape in place along the straight edges of the pockets and sew; backstitch the ends.

Layer the pieces, starting with a fabric heart (face down), batting, another fabric
heart (face up), and pockets (face up); pin. Sew along the outside edge, with a
1/4-inch seam allowance. Trim the edge as close to the stitching as possible.

Sew the bias tape to the heart, starting at the top center and folding the ends
under. Sew a 5-inch piece of bias tape, ends turned under, into a loop. Pin and stitch to pot holder.

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6 Responses to Heart Shaped Potholders from Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing & Fabric Crafts

  1. Meg says:

    I made up a pattern like this a few years ago. I have found that running a line of stitching down the center of the heart vertically makes them fold in your hand easily when you slide your fingers/thumb under the flaps. Enjoy!

  2. diya says:

    Thanks for the pattern and tutorial. I made them.

  3. Blair says:

    Thanks for the tutorial!
    I'm about to make these and had a question…
    I actually have the insulated hotpad batting on hand and want to use that. Do you think I would still need 3 layers of the insulated stuff, or since it's thicker could I get away with 2 (or even1)?

    Such a cute thing, and depending on the fabric could be made for anytime!

  4. Kathy McDowell says:

    This looks like such a fun project however I was unable to download the template for the heart please advise. Thanks Kathy

  5. purl bee says:

    Hi Kathy-

    You might want to try downloading it from another browser. If that doesn't work please let us know and we can email you a pdf.



  6. Julianne says:

    so cute! Thanks. Just what I needed for my new kitchen:)

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