Candy Cane Bedroom Socks

There are a few holiday candies that surpass mere confection and reach the heights of Design Icon. On the list would have to be Halloween candy corn, Easter Peeps, and, of course, Christmas candy canes. Nothing is more distinctive than the twisting red and white stripes of a candy cane. Peppermint is nice, but I think the appeal of a candy cane is much more in its good looks than in its flavor. Clean and classic, but managing also a happy whimsy.

Inspired by the timeless design of the candy cane, I decided to apply its emblematic stripes to a cozy pair of kick-around-the-house socks. The simple Spiral Rib pattern carries the stripes around the socks and the beautiful Manos del Uruguay's Silk Blend in red and white screams, "Candy Cane!".

Manos's Silk Blend has the same extraordinary hand spun, hand dyed loveliness of the classic Manos Handspun that we all know and love, and the Silk Blend has the addition of 30% silk. It's the perfect blend for the holidays, giving off a slight sheen and wrapping your feet in luxurious softness.

These socks are designed for all knitters, whether you've made socks before or not. There are no tricky heels or gussets, just a tube and a toe!

The Materials

  • Manos del Uruguay's Silk Blend Semi Solid, 30% Silk, 70% Merino Wool. These colors are "Tomato" and "Natural".
    • Size Small: 1 skein of each color.
    • Sizes Medium and Large: 2 skeins of each color.

    (See Finished Sizes, below, for sizing information.)

The Pattern


5 stitches = 1 inch in stockinette stitch

Finished Sizes

Women's sizes Small (Medium, Large) unstretched are 7 (8.25, 9.5) inches in circumference.

Comfortably stretched, they are 8 .5 (10, 11.5) inches in circumference. 

When you're deciding which size to make, consider getting the sock over your heel. That is the widest part of the journey, and these socks are not super stretchy!

The length of the sock from toe to cuff is approximately 14 (15, 16) inches.

The size shown in these pictures is a Small.

Pattern Notes

  • Make sure that whenever you finish using Color A you leave the yarn in back (in the knit position). Don't get frustrated if, like me, you keep forgetting at first. You'll get it!

  • The pattern requires you to switch colors every 2 stitches. There are two techniques for doing this. The faster one, if you are capable, is to hold one color in each hand (easiest is Color A in the right and B in the left).

Otherwise, just drop and pick up the yarns as you need them. Either way, be loose and gentle. You want your socks to have a little stretch!


With Color A (I used "Natural" for Color A and "Tomato" for Color B), cast 44 (52, 60) stitches onto double pointed needles.

Join for working in the round, being careful to not twist the stitches.

Knit 7 rounds.

Rounds 1-3: *With Color A, p2; with Color B, k2; repeat from * to end of round.

Round 4: With B, k1; *with A, p1, k1; with B, k2; repeat from * to last 3 stitches, with A, p1, k1; with B, k1.

Rounds 5 and 6: With B, k1; *with A, p2; with B, k2; repeat from * to last 3 stitches, with A, p2; with B, k1.

Round 7: With B, k2; *with A, p1, k1; with B, k2; repeat from * to last 2 stitches, with A, p1, k1.

Rounds 8 and 9: *With B, k2; with A, p2; repeat from * to end of round.

Round 10: With A, k1; *with B, k2; with A, p1, k1; repeat from * to last 3 stitches, with B, k2; with A, p1.

Rounds 11 and 12: With A, p1; *with B, k2; with A, p2; repeat from * to last 3 stitches, with B, k2; with A, p1.

Round 13: *With A, p1, k1; with B, k2; repeat from * to end of round.

Rounds 14 and 15: *With A, p2; with B, k2; repeat from * to end of round.

For Size Small: Repeat Rounds 4-15 five more times.

For Size Medium: Repeat Rounds 4-15 five more times. Then repeat Rounds 4- 9.

For Size Large: Repeat Rounds 4-15 six more times.

The Toe

Cut Color B so that you're just working with Color A for the toe.

Round 1: Knit.

Round 2: [K9 (11, 13), k2tog] 4 times. (40, [48, 56] stitches)

Round 3: Knit.

Round 4: [K8 (10, 12), k2tog] 4 times. (36, [44, 52] stitches)

Round 5: Knit.

Round 6: [K7 (9, 11), k2tog] 4 times. (32, [40, 48] stitches)

Round 7: Knit.

Round 8: [K6 (8, 10), k2tog] 4 times. (28, [36, 44] stitches)

Round 9: Knit.

Round 10: [K5 (7, 9), k2tog] 4 times. (24, [32, 40] stitches)

Round 11: Knit.

Round 12: [K4 (6, 8), k2tog] 4 times. (20, [28, 36] stitches)

Round 13: Knit.

Round 14: [K3 (5, 7), k2tog] 4 times. (16, [24, 32] stitches)

Round 15: Knit.

Round 16: [K2 (4, 6), k2tog] 4 times. (12, [20, 28] stitches)

For Size Small:

Round 17: [K1, k2tog] 4 times. (8 stitches)

Round 18: K2tog, 4 times. (4 stitches)

For Size Medium:

After Round 16, follow the directions for Size Small from Round 14 through Round 18.

For Size Large:

After Round 16, follow the directions for Size Small from Round 10 through Round 18.

For All Sizes:

Cut the yarn and thread it through the remaining 4 stitches.

Weave in the ends, and make a second sock identical to the first. Now get cozy!

13 Responses to Candy Cane Bedroom Socks

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  1. Brenda says:

    love the socks !!!! how long did it take you to make them?

  2. missyjoon says:

    Love these! I am thinking of making these as St. Nicholas gifts for my nieces (10, 8, and almost 5). Any suggestions for sizing for the 8 and 5 yr olds?!!?!?!! I was thinking of taking them down 8 cast-on stitches for the 8 year old, and then 8 more for the 5 year old . . . .

    Thank you so much!

  3. purl bee says:

    Hi Missy Joon,
    We actually recommend the small size for kids 8-10, in fact we shot our pair (the small size) on an 8 year old, and probably going down 8 stitches for a 5 year old would be good.
    Good luck!

  4. Petra says:

    Love the socks!!! I am thinking of making several pairs in M or L, and was wondering whether having 3 skeins of each color could make 2 pairs?
    thanks, and happy knitting.

  5. lisdip says:

    How many skeins of each color do I need to buy to make two pairs one in small and one in medium. Cute project I also want to make them for St. Nicholas day December 6th. Thanks.

  6. purl bee says:

    Hi Lisdip,
    You will need 3 skeins of each.

  7. Katiepie says:

    Hi! Great socks! What are the shoe size equivalents for s m & l? Thanks!

  8. Jet says:

    Can these be made on straights rather than dpn's?

  9. purl bee says:

    Hi jet,

    You could knit them on straight needles, but you'd have to change the pattern a bit, adjusting the stitch pattern and the toe decreases. If you don't want to use double pointed needles, I'd recommend, instead, using an 8 inch circular needle. You can find one here:

    Thanks for your question!

  10. Annette says:

    Wonderful way to treat your sweet tooth without the calories!

  11. primigi shoes says:

    Knitted garments should never be soaked. This makes the yarn tangled and felted. When hand-washing don't rub or press the garment too much. Don't ever brush it or wring it out.

  12. robin aronson says:

    Could you offer up a mitten version of this pattern? i'm thinking of trying my first pair of mittens, and this pattern is soooooo appealing!


  13. purl bee says:

    Hi Robin-

    We don't have plans to make these into mittens at the moment but thank you for your suggestion and enthusiasm!



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