Whit’s Pom Pom Peds, now in Anzula!

I have been working on the Purl Bee team for only a short while (6 months, last week!), but the Purl Bee has had a place in my life for years. I have been a faithful reader and follower of the blog almost since its creation!  My crafting bag of tricks is filled with techniques picked up from this very site. I can remember my first foray into hand hemming with Page's beautiful Rolled Hem Handkerchiefs, just as I remember feeling that Whitney was holding my hand right through my very first pair of socks, the Pom Pom Peds.

The Pom Pom Peds were my first hand-knit socks, and to this day, they remain my favorite! Whitney describes the pattern as being perfect for beginner sock knitters and short attention span knitters. How right she is! The first time I knit them, all my fears and insecurities about sock knitting flew out the window. Now these peds are my go-to pattern for last minute gifts or for short subway rides. I have turned to this pattern again and again due to its simple construction and super friendly instructions.

So when I set my eyes on the new Purl-tastic color of Anzula's Squishy, Hyacinth, I knew exactly what I was going to knit: my old friend, the Pom Pom Peds in Hyacinth and Natural. Squishy has been a Purl Soho favorite for a little over a year now. Joelle used it to make her 'Squishy' Log Cabin Baby Blanket and her Stirrup Socksand Whitney used it to knit her Ribbed Hand Warmers, but I still can't help thinking of Squishy as the new kid on the block. I am constantly astonished by how amazing it is, as if I am encountering it for the first time, every time. Its lofty spin of merino and cashmere not only makes it sumptuous to wear, but also luscious to knit. Plus, Squishy comes in a range of gorgeous hand dyed colors, from petal soft Dusty Rose to high octane Ducky to toasty warm Coco.

Two of these generous 385-yard-skeins (one in each color) are enough for four pairs of Pom Pom Peds as long as you are conservative with your tails and pom poms. Worst case scenario, you'll end up with three socks in each color to mix and match at your whim!  Hope y'all enjoy these peds as much as I do. Thanks for the great pattern, Whitney! To make your own pair visit Whitney's original Pom Pom Peds post by clicking here.  -Laura

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6 Responses to Whit’s Pom Pom Peds, now in Anzula!

  1. Helga says:

    very very nice!!!!

  2. nicole says:

    oh my goodness, those are so very sweet. they remind me of my grandmother rose, who always wore pom-pom socks and short shorts. she would wear said clothing a lot, and my brothers and I have especially vivid memories of her mowing the lawn in said clothing. I sew, but don't knit. this makes me want to learn. xo

  3. Those are really cute…I should make these…they've been in my mental list for a while. And your color combo is just great. You're right these would make nice gifts….

  4. Pom Pom Peds are my current obsession. I could knit these day and night. Well, I do knit these in between projects. The yarn is something random out of the stash.

  5. Cindy says:

    These are adorable, but I've only ever knit socks using magic loop. I would love more sock patterns using the magic loop technique.

  6. geisslein says:

    I haven fallen in love today! These socks are SO LOVELY!
    I would buy them directly if I could!
    Simply perfect.
    Greetings from cloudy germany, geisslein

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