Chevron Baby Blanket

If you lived through the 60s and 70s perhaps you have vivid memories of a chevron afghan. Perhaps you appreciated it at the time; were indifferent to it in the 80s; despised it in the 90s; and have developed a deep affection for it over the past decade, itchy acrylic, zany colors and all!

This knitted Chevron Baby Blanket makes some accommodations both for modernity and for babies. Instead of hard-to-cuddle acrylic, this 100% cotton blanket is as deep and soft and cozy as a cloud. And instead of fast food orange and kitchen appliance avocado, this version is a delicate spectrum of natural colors just right for babies!

The next generation of chevron blankets starts with Blue Sky Cotton. Loosely spun into a uniquely cozy cotton, this is one of our very favorite baby blanket yarns. For delicate skin, it's non-allergenic cotton, and for busy parents, it's machine washable (yay!).


The Materials

Get all 7 skein of Worsted Cotton in one place with our Yarn for Chevron Baby Blanket kit. It comes in two pretty colorways:


These colors, from the top, are Lemongrass, Lemonade, Bone, Tulip, Drift, Sleet, and Graphite.


These colors, from the top, are Indigo, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Tulip, Drift, Sleet and Ash.

The Pattern


3 stitches = 1 inch in garter stitch with yarn doubled

Finished Size

26 x 33 inches


For this pattern you'll use the Blue Sky Cotton doubled. The best way to double yarn is to pull one strand from the inside of the ball and one strand from the outside. If you don't have a swift and ball winder to wind a center-pull ball, never fear, you can do it by hand! Click here for a great video that shows you how!

If you want to change the sizing or use this stitch pattern for a different project, just cast on a multiple of 14 plus 2 stitches.


With the Lemongrass (doubled!), cast on 100 stitches. (Try not to leave too long a tail when you cast on. You'll probably need the entire skein to finish the first stripe. If you end up one row short, don't worry! No one will notice!)

**Row 1 (right side): K1, ssk, *k10, k2tog, ssk, repeat from * to last 13 stitches, k10, k2tog, k1. (86 stitches)

Row 2 (wrong side): K6, *knit into front and back (kfb) 2 times, k10, repeat from * to last 8 stitches, kfb 2 times, k6. (100 stitches)

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until you have knit the entire skein (which should be nine more times).***

Change to the Lemonade color and repeat from ** to ***.

Change to the Bone color and repeat from ** to ***.

Continue in this pattern for the next three colors, changing colors at the end of each skein. The next color will be Tulip, followed by Drift, and then Sleet.

For the final color (Graphite), repeat Rows 1 and 2 until you have about 8 yards of yarn left (or nine times). Work Row 1 one more time.

Bind Off Row: Bind off 5 stitches, *(knit into the next stitch and leave the stitch on the left needle, bind off 1 stitch, knit into the back of the stitch, let the stitch off the left needle, bind off 1 stitch) 2 times, bind off 10 stitches, repeat from * to last 8 stitches, (knit into the next stitch and leave the stitch on the left needle, bind off 1 stitch, knit into the back of the stitch, let the stitch off the left needle, bind off 1 stitch) 2 times, bind off 6 stitches, pull the yarn through the last stitch.

Weave in the ends and you're all done!

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160 Responses to Chevron Baby Blanket

  1. michelle says:

    finally finished! 2 sets of yarn, 142 stitches came out to a blanket 36×54!

  2. Giannina says:

    Do you mind helping with color choice? I am making 2 blankets for boy/girl twins. The color palate for their room is denim, orange and deep red. I would like the blankets to co-ordinate, but also want one to be very much for a girl, and one very much for a boy. Any suggestions? Help! and thanks! I can't get enough of your beautiful web site!

  3. purl bee says:

    Hi Giannina,

    Sure, we love assignments like this! Here's what we came up with for the girl version: True Red, Poppy, Dandelion, Lemonade, Drift, Sleet and Ash. And for the boy: Indigo, Periwinkle, Sky, Drift, Tulip, Dandelion and Poppy.

    Or, if you feel like you want to talk in person to someone who has eyes on the yarn, please feel free to call either our New York City store or our California warehouse. This link has the phone numbers and hours:

    Thanks so much for your question; we're all very excited about twin Chevron Blankets!


  4. Pat says:

    I’ve started this blanket and I’m getting the correct gauge. However, I’m finished with the first skein and have only completed 16 rows (4.5 inches). Do I just continue with the other colors at 16 rows ? Should I add an eighth color? Thanks for your help. Love the pattern.

    • Whitney from the Purl Bee says:

      Hi Pat,

      I’d see where you get with the next color. Since you’re not casting on, you may be able to get to 18 rows, and if so, you’ll be able to make a visual determination about whether to stop at 16 or go on to 18.

      As far as adding an eighth color goes, I don’t think that will be necessary, since you’re on track for a 31 1 /2 inch blanket, which is only an 1 1/2 short!

      I hope this helps. Please let know if you have any other questions along the way!


  5. Namita says:


    I am just finishing up my second baby blanket in this pattern (on the last stripe). Per your suggestion I used Thistle, Orchid, Shell and Tulip but I repeated Shell, Orchid and Thistle….It has turned out beautiful……

    I am now looking to make another one for my niece and the colors that have been picked for the baby are coral and mint…..Blue Sky Alpaca does not have a good coral. I saw that Spud & Chloe Outer was suggested as a substitute. Outer has the coral but not the mint…… Do you have another suggestion for a yarn to substitute the Blue Sky? Your suggestions are much appreciated…..Thank you!!

  6. Namita says:

    Thank you so much, Whitney!! Thanks for the advice and the pattern!! Love it!!

  7. Kaitlin Capra says:

    I’m a fairly new knitter and I have had no trouble completing most of this project. I am at the binding off point and I could use some help. I don’t want to mess it up after I’ve done so well! Could someone please explain to me what I am supposed to do in order to bind off? I’m having a little trouble understanding the instructions as like I said I’m fairly new at this! Thank you

    • Whitney from the Purl Bee says:

      Hi Kaitlin,

      The bind off for this blanket is definitely not standard (I adapted a regular bind off for this particular stitch pattern), but maybe it won’t seem as intimidating once you understand the concept. The idea is that you continue in the same pattern you have been knitting all along, while simultaneously binding off. In other words, you’ll continue to make your kfb’s at the same time you bind off. Try following the instructions very deliberately, step by step, keeping in mind that it’s just a variation of a regular bind off, and hopefully you’ll get it!

      Please let us know if you’re still having trouble and we’ll do everything we can to get that blanket off your needles! Thanks so much for your question and good luck!


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