Felt Coffee Cozies

Okay, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I’m already starting to feel some holiday cheer! The first sign was feeling tempted by the eggnog that suddenly appeared in the dairy case of my supermarket. Next, I realized that I was spending inordinate time wondering where I should place my Christmas tree. And finally, I started getting the sense that my Purl Bee co-workers weren’t exactly feeling my urgency to decide what kind of cookies we’re going to bake this year. So instead of just dreaming about sugarplums, I have decided to harness my early seasonal excitement by getting a head start on my holiday gifts!

These Felt Coffee Cozies are the perfect way to jumpstart your holiday crafting because they’re a total snap, even if you’ve never sewed before. And with just one bundle of 100% Wool Felt you’ll be able to make a whopping sixteen Cozies! I used the cheerful Fuchsia Bundle, but we have lots more to suit your holiday mood!

A pile of Coffee Cozies is a fabulous thing to have around during the holiday season. Give them as hostess gifts, teachers’ presents (along with a gift card to a favorite café, perhaps?), or stocking stuffers. You might even give one to yourself!


To make 16 felt coffee cozies:

You'll also need pins and a pencil.


To fit 16 ounce to-go cups



This is a perfect project to do in an assembly line manner instead of making them each one by one. To start the assembly cut two templates out of each piece of felt.


Fold each piece in half widthwise and pin them together along their short sides.

Using a zig zag stitch with a 1/4-inch seam allowance sew the pinned edges one after another without lifting up the sewing machine foot. (This technique is called chain piecing.)

Once all of them are sewn cut them apart from one another and trim off any extra threads.

Now you're all done and ready to share!

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22 Responses to Felt Coffee Cozies

  1. Kris Anne says:

    My new sewing machine hates me. It sews upside down/backwards from what you would think it would do. So the top-stitch looks like the bottom and vice versa. And apparently my machine doesn't want to sew felt in a nice neat zigzag. I had to do a straight stitch and turn them inside out. Any tips or suggestions?

  2. Emily says:

    So cute and so ridiculously easy! A perfect stocking stuffer – thanks!

  3. abi says:

    SO EASY!!! Thanks :)

  4. Nicole says:

    love these!!! what a cute project…must get my sewing machine serviced so I can make these :)

  5. Maggie says:

    Wow these are amazing and so simple! I'm going to make a bunch of these for christmas gifts thanks hun! And thank you for providing a template! :)

  6. Brooke says:

    And add a little embroidered initial for the person you are giving it too.. easiest Christmas gift EVER!

  7. sp says:

    how do you keep the thread from unraveling at each end?

  8. purl bee says:

    HI SP-

    The zig zag stitch unravels less readily than a straight stitch and I haven't found it to be a problem with these. I chose not to backstitch on each end because I thought this way looked neater but if you want to be extra careful you can back stitch a few stitches on each end of each cozy. Thanks so much for your question!

  9. Chrystal says:

    I love these! (And I LOVE the teacher/gift card combo idea.)

  10. Blake @ salt, teak & fog says:

    Oh I love these. Just wanted to say thanks for posting some more “entry level” type crafts here too :) I'm inspired by it all, though. Thanks!

  11. audrey says:

    Thanks for posting love this idea very cool and simple. Just wondering why did you choose felt to make these? Do you think polar fleece would work? Have you made them out of anything else? thanks in advance for the answers Audrey

  12. purl bee says:

    Hi Audrey-

    We used wool felt because we're big fans of natural fibers! We love the way it feels and the vibrant colors it comes in, nothing dyes quite like wool! But anything insulating would work. This felted wool would make a more rustic but still very pretty version:

    Thank you for your question!- Molly

  13. Nikki says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! I will be making these tonight at Crafty Night, a monthly craft get-together I host. I know all my crafty peeps will LOVE making these!

  14. Hande says:

    I would love to make this, but I don't have a sewing machine. Can I sew it by hand? I'm not worried about the look so much. Just want to know if it's easy to do. thanks!

  15. purl bee says:

    Hi Hande-

    They would be very easy to sew by hand. I think they would look great too!

    Thanks for your comment.


  16. Dawn says:

    Love this template! I'm going to make a bunch (and I can't resist your felt colors – soooo good!). Thanks for the info…

  17. New Sewing Momma says:

    Can these be machine washed? I absolutely love these!

  18. purl bee says:

    Hi New Sewing Momma-

    These cannot be machine washed. They can be washed by hand,

    Thank you!


  19. Anja says:

    Loooooove the colors!

  20. Patra says:

    Thanks for posting this pattern. We are giving our son a Dora the Explorer party and we are going to have a hot chocolate bar and serve Mexican Hot Chocolate. Can't buy enough mugs for everyone with all the other expenses of the party, the cozies are the perfect solution to the paper cup. I can make them in multiple color. Great!

  21. purl bee says:

    Hi Kris Anne-

    I'm so sorry you're having these problems. A new machine should sew through felt just fine. I would try re-threading the machine (but you've probably already done that!) and also changing the needle. If that fails, I'd take it to a dealer.

    Good luck!


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