Gina’s Brioche Cowl in Cashmere!

We love Gina's original Brioche Cowl in merino and suri but had a hankering to try this gorgeous knit in something even more spectacular. Enter Jade Sapphire's unparalleled 100% Mongolian Cashmere. Hand dyed in a beautiful rainbow of colors, from cool Silver Pearl to this shocking Pink Panther, Jade Sapphire's cashmere is as soft as a nebulous cloud and as cozy as a hug. This version of the Brioche Cowl packs a hot pink punch and will take you through the brisk evenings of spring in toasty comfort and beautiful style!

New to Brioche? Check out our tutorial! It is a magical stitch, lofty as can be, with all the fun color-play of Fair Isle or Intargia, but with much less fuss! To see Gina's original Brioche Cowl (still as gorgeous as ever!) and to read the full pattern, click here. Also, while you're at it, be sure to check out Gina's super cute Brioche Hat.


  • 2 skeins of Jade Sapphire's Zageo 6-Ply Cashmere (100% Mongolian Cashmere, 150 yards) in the color Ivory. 
  • 3 skeins of Jade Sapphire's 8-Ply Cashmere (100% Mongolian Cashmere, 100 yards) in the color Pink Panther.
  • A US #6, 32 inch circular needle.
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15 Responses to Gina’s Brioche Cowl in Cashmere!

  1. Oooh, how delightful. I haven't got the hang of brioche but you're tempting me to give it another go.

  2. Lisa says:

    That is gorgeous!

  3. Shirley says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I think I'm going to give this a go, so stunning :)

  4. Krisha says:

    Soo beautiful -I love the brioche knit.

  5. Shirley says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I think I'm going to give this a go, so stunning :)

  6. Charlotte says:

    Was totally lured into the brioche stitch with this project. I'm now 2 inches into this cowl. Lovely!

  7. Renee says:

    Absolutely love this! Started over the weekend but my stitch went a bit weird so going to do a take two tonight!!

  8. cathrynl77 says:

    This is so beautiful!! I've started it three times, the front looks almost right, the back is oh so very wrong. I can't figure out my error, so I'll try again after I finish two projects. any chance you have a video clip of the first two rows of when you add the second color? Truly bamboozled.

  9. purl bee says:

    With this stitch in particular, it looks oh so wrong for the first 4 or so rounds and then slowly a pattern starts emerging. Unfortunately, we do not have a video of the tutorial. Maybe give it one more shot, working a little farther, and then let me know if you have any specific questions that hopefully I can walk you through.

    Thanks for writing in.
    We're here if you need anything else.

  10. Mum of Matty says:

    Love this cowl. I have a question. The wool listed is Jade Sapphire and realise it is 100% cashmere. But on your website it seems to have several different 100% cashmere ply's. What ply or name is this one made with or is the wool specified no longer on your website. I live in the UK and will be looking for the wool here. Thank you!

  11. purl bee says:

    Hello Mum of Matty.
    Please see that we have added a list of the materials used to both this post and the original post. Our apologies for the confusion (and lacking information) and many many many thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  12. yuniper says:


    I LOVE this design!!! However, I prefer not to use yarns containing Cashmere fibers because of the environmental impact of the goats' grazing.

    Could you recommend alternative yarns & colourways to achieve a similar wow-effect?



  13. purl bee says:

    Hi Yuniper-

    You can use the yarn from the original post- manos maxima shocking: and the suri merino, snow:

    Or if wools don't work you can use the cascade ultra pima natural: http: //
    and the blue sky worsted cotton in lotus:

    Both of the options above are in the hot pink and cream combo.

    Good luck with the project and thanks for getting in touch!


  14. Annie says:

    Will you be offering this as a class soon?? Would love to learn!


  15. purl bee says:

    Hi Annie-

    Yes, we do offer a class about this! The next one is in January, Wednesdays the 8th and 15th, from 7-9pm!

    Please call our store, 212-420-8796 to sign up or for more info!



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