Father’s Day Liberty Handkerchief Set

We just can't get enough! Molly recently revamped our Rolled Hem Hankies for Mother's Day, and now, compelled by the beauty of Liberty of London's prints, we're sewing some up for dad too! Hankies for everyone! 

Just as Molly was drawn to the old-fashioned grace of a lady with a pretty hankie, it is hard to not smile at the thought of a charming gentleman unfurling his pocket square. And while it might seem of a different era, Laura's father will tell you that the handkerchief still has a place in this modern world of ours. He is never without one! 

Handkerchiefs are perfectly practical and in Liberty fabrics, they pack a punch too. Super sharp in a summer blazer pocket or peaking out of some lightweight trousers, these hankies will snaz up any outfit. 

They are as delightful to make as they are to sport. All you need is our Father's Day Liberty Hankie Bundle, some thread, a needle and our Rolled Hem Hankie instructions!  Enjoy!

ps- For more Liberty of London inspiration check out our Mother's Day Liberty Handkerchief Set here!

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11 Responses to Father’s Day Liberty Handkerchief Set

  1. joan v. says:

    Really lovely!

  2. Carol says:

    My husband refuses to use hankies :(

  3. val says:

    what a terrific idea. My dad still uses hankies…of course, he is 89 years old. They represent a generation we need to come back to.

  4. Bookaholic says:

    My husband uses hankies, and he's 41, so there's hope. :) Lovely idea, and of course, beautiful fabric.

  5. Dawn says:

    My boyfriend uses the handkerchiefs I've sewn for him every day, and he is only 23! I think our generation will bring them back ;)

  6. Angie says:


    We all use hankies in our household, none so glamorous as these beauties!

    I've spent the past week sewing up a new batch of hankies for our (southern hemisphere) winter, I use old flannel sheeting and there is nothing better than in the thick of a sniffles outbreak than flannel hankies; soft on skin, thick enough to protect fingers and yet another way to use up the good bits of flannel left over when the bedsheets wear thin in the middle!

  7. Tsssss… Blowing one's nose in precious Liberty fabric – isn't that one of the deadly sins? ;-)

  8. purl bee says:

    Hi StraightGrainBlog-

    Actually it's quite the opposite. Handkerchiefs are a very traditional use for Liberty of London Tana lawn. They actually sell them at the Liberty store in London! I've had some that I bought there for many years and through many nose blows- they wash beautifully!

    Thanks for your comment!


  9. jen says:

    this is a GREAT gift idea! my dad uses handkerchiefs.

    such beautiful fabrics.sigh.

  10. Caroline says:

    I love the idea, for myself, who uses hankies, but can't imagine my husband, who also uses hankies to use a flowery print for one. Nce idea but a wonderful plaid or shirting stripe of the same quality would be great for men. just my opinion!

  11. purl bee says:

    Hi Caroline-

    We understand your concern! Here are some links to some fabrics that might work better for you. They are all light weight and very high quality cotton.

    Thanks for writing in!


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