Needlepoint: Corduroy Stitch

Pictured above is our Herringbone Corduroy Stitch iPhone Case (to make your own, click right here!). It's a sophisticated, fun stitch that makes a big, graphic impact! Happy stitching!

Herringbone Corduroy Stitch (Two Colors)


The Herringbone Corduroy Stitch is worked in diagonal lines that alternate direction row by row. In the Herringbone version of the Corduroy Stitch the colors also alternate, creating the look of classic menswear!

Again, begin by bringing your threaded needle through the canvas from back to front, leaving a short tail in the back of the fabric. You will work the first several stitches over the tail to secure your floss.

Using the first color, come to the front of the canvas at A and push the needle through to the back at B. Come to the front at C and go to the back at D. Continue in this fashion until the design has been filled, weave in the end of your first color.


With the second color, come up to the front of the canvas at 1 and push the needle through to the back at 2. Come to the front at 3 and go to the back at 4. Continue in this pattern until your design is complete!

Here's how we combined columns of Herringbone Corduroy Stitch for our Needlepoint iPhone Cases.

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  1. Jenn says:

    Can you tell me how many threads you used for this? I assume I don't use all 6 threads…

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