Introducing Purl Soho’s Super Soft Merino!

We are so grateful to end this harrowing week with the happiest announcement we've had in a long time. Today Purl Soho launches our very own collection of yarn, starting with our super scrumptious Super Soft Merino!

A thick cloud of 100% Peruvian merino, Super Soft Merino is the dreamiest, cuddliest, toastiest yarn you can imagine. This loosely spun single ply knits up at a cozy 3 stitches to the inch, perfect for winter chills and quick gifts!

As readers of the Purl Bee know, our love for yarn is followed closely by our love for color! Creating a signature palette for our Super Soft Merino was unbelievably fun, like picking a bouquet of garden-fresh flowers. Our beautiful rainbow includes a dozen of our very favorite colors: Super Pink, Red Zinnia, Clementine Orange, Yellow Yellow, Extra Green, Desert Sky, Peacock Blue, Timeless Navy, Oyster Gray, Toasted Charcoal, Soft Black and Heirloom White.

Each skein is an ample 87 yards long. Want to start with a scarf? Just two skeins knit up into a beautifully classic scarf, or try three skeins for a luxuriously generous neck wrapper!

We have lots of Purl Bee patterns in the works, but we also can't wait to see what you, our ingenious readers, create with Super Soft Merino. Big, cozy sweaters, sweeping wraps, dramatic cowls, cushiony baby blankets, sophisticated lap throws, and fabulous hats; monotone, stripes, ombre, fair isle, colorblocking, the possibilities are endless!

To celebrate this exciting venture and to get you super inspired, we're having a...

Super Soft Merino Giveaway!

HOW: To enter leave a comment on this post telling us what you're inspired to make with Super Soft Merino. Be sure to enter your email address in the email field on the comment submission form so we can contact you if you win. (Don't worry; we never publish or share email addresses!)

WHEN: Leave your comment by 6pm est, Tuesday, November 6th 2012. The winners will then be chosen at random.

WHAT: One lucky winner will receive 10 skeins of Super Soft Merino and a second winner will receive 3 skeins. The winners will get to choose whatever color (or colors!) they want!

A big colorful pile of Super Soft Merino is our dream come true. Give it a try; you'll know what we mean! Ready to check it out? Browse our whole collection of Super Soft Merino right here and get inspired!

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  1. Yue Chin says:

    that looks so drool worthy in the snuggliest of ways – might use it to knit a massive herringbone poncho tent that i can be all wrapped up in while having some tea and biscuits with ingrid michaelson playing in the background (:

  2. Mary Coultas says:

    Congratulations on your new line of yarn! the colors are beautiful. I would make an afghan highlighting the beautiful colors and a matching pillow.

  3. Jennie says:

    Extra green or either of the blues would extinguish the winter blues in a gorgeous mock-cable scarf, cowl or striped mittens! Such softness would not stay just around my neck but up over my nose in the cold too…ahhhhh.

  4. Jenny says:

    I can see this scrumptious yarn being used to create a free form asymmetrical poncho/cape/wrap. On the streets of NYC I was continually catching sight of some fabulous forms of warming, cosy, wrapping up for winter. To sit by the fire, with my project slowly growing on my lap, keeping me warm as I prepare to wrap up for the winter……. Natural fibers, gorgeous colours, silky softness, hibernating, knitting…..

  5. Oooh, I'd love to make a snuggly turtleneck with this yarn. Love the bright colors. Or, if I got second place, I'd make a cowl or something.

  6. Amanda says:

    Such beautiful yarn! Winter is coming and my 3 little nephews love playing in the snow. With this yarn I would make them super soft Hats and Scarves to help keep their delicate skin warm.

  7. Sarah says:

    I'd make a hat and matching mitten set for my mom's Christmas present. Would love to try to do some colorwork with multiple colors, too!

  8. Brittany says:

    This yarn looks so soft, I need to make a thick, fuzzy winter hat for everyone in my family! Maybe some matching mittens too. I love that bright shade of pink!

  9. laura says:

    mmmmm…..scarves and hats and mittens and headbands and wraps. where to start? how to choose?

  10. Chloe says:

    I'm on a crocheted hat kick right now and this luscious merino would make gorgeous hats to keep the winter chill off!

  11. Wendy P says:

    Oh the colors! Magnificent!
    I dream of making a wardrobe of hats, cowls and scarfs or a throw blanket to send with my 20 year old baby on her semester abroad in Florence this January. It's sure to be damp, cold and poorly heated and it would be like sending along a hug from me!

  12. ali says:

    I would love to make a super cozy blanket for my baby due in February!

  13. Kelly says:

    I would knit up a storm of Snowflake Scarves. Congratulations and thank you.

  14. Maria K says:

    A warm, fuzzy ear warmer is just the thing this yarn calls for! Yellow yellow would certainly scare the winter blues away, but my school colors are red and white… but black could go under my marching band hat…

  15. Rachel Scheller says:

    I just want to fill a bathtub up with this yarn and go swimming in it. Looks soooo soft… A long cowl would be decadent.

  16. Jennifer says:

    gorgeous yarn, love the colours!! A cowl with lots of texture for me, and a super sweet baby sweater for little Violet would be swell!

  17. Lauren says:

    I would love to make a cowl!

  18. Lauren says:

    I'd love to make a baby blanket for my new little nephew for Christmas! Lovely yarn!

  19. Juliette says:

    With 10 skeins I would make a throw or gigantic shawls for staying cozy on chilly nights. With 3 skeins, I would make mittens, or slippers, or something cozy for my two daughters.

  20. jean says:

    Lots of Christmas scarves for friends and family!

  21. Jen says:

    It's cold outside in Boston, but it's cozy warm in the school library where I work. So I need some heavy duty leg and armwarmers to bridge the gap-and remind my students to add a pop of color anywhere they can! Perhaps I can tackle my fair isle nerves with grays and glorious greens and yellows, or a dash of shocking pink.

  22. Laura Hammett says:

    I'd knit up a "substitute hug" aka a luxurious warm cowl to keep my mom warm back in VA while I am far away in California!

  23. Whitney says:

    I love Chunky yarn! I can't wait to make a bright cozy cowl with this beautiful yarn :)

  24. Alex Cowper says:

    I've always been obsessed with ice cream. In the winter, when ice cream shops close earlier and earlier, what better way to get my fix by knitting a colorful sweater with a cute, colorful ice cream cone front and center of a cool baby blue background. Surely, when I do finally eat a real ice cream cone, I'll at least be cozy and warm with my new adorable sweater.

  25. Allie S. says:

    It looks so cozy! I'd love to use this to make your Big Herringbone Cowl, which I've been eyeing since last year :)

  26. Anna H says:

    A big fluffy sweater!

  27. Eloise says:

    With 10 skeins I'd make cuddly scarves and hats for my two little ones, hubby and me… 3 skeins would be ample for their little necks and bonces… getting chilly in the UK now! Great luck with a gorgeous yarn, and swift recovery for your city.

  28. OlofDrofn says:

    I would make me a bright cowl to liven up my drab wardrobe. Probably in a bright pink or yellow.

  29. Brittany says:

    AH! The colors are great! I would LOVE to make a scarf or cowl out of this bad boy!

  30. Shira says:

    Oooh, lovely. I'd love to make cowls for all the wonderful folks in my office!!

  31. Sarah says:

    That yarn looks so yummy! I'm thinking the scarf on today's post looks like a perfect option for that yarn :).

  32. Crissy says:

    Those fun and bright colors would make a great baby blanket for my daughter!

  33. Jayme says:

    Definitely a scarf for the winter, or perhaps a cowl :)

  34. Jaylene Smith says:

    I am inspired to make a soft, squishy blanket for my sister.

  35. With that lucious description of how soft and cuddly this Super Soft Merino Yarn is I could not resist but create a colourful little babies blanket. Knit or Crochet? Undecided… so think I'd leave that 'til I could whip something up in each and see what suits it best. Thanks for opportunity to win this gorgeous yarn.

  36. Diane ebel says:

    With 2 new nieces in the family it definately be some cute baby item and then other baby items to donate

  37. Jenny says:

    Hope I'm not to late. I would enjoy making a nice soft cowl with this yarn : D

  38. Tineke says:

    Love all these gorgeous colors. And the snowflake scarf ! It is the first thing that I want to try with this new yarn.

  39. rose-marie says:

    oh ! I love, love this scarf ! I want to make this scarf ! the rosette stitches is so elegant, !! thank you !!

  40. ingrid says:

    i would knit up a deliciously thick and colorful baby blanket for my up-in-coming baby!

  41. Cassandra says:

    Wow! what a dream come true! It would be so hard to decide, Definitley cozy little items for my girls:) Thank you for this chance!!!

  42. Adrianne Dickson says:

    With colours like this thoughts of cupcakes, ice cream and rainbows come to mind, the knitting projects are endless. Where do I begin, knit one purl one “wrap me up”, soft & snuggly comes to mind in a luxurious afghan.

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