Snowflake Scarf

Since opening Purl Soho over ten years ago, we have often dreamed of creating our very own yarn. A yarn that would be as wonderful we could imagine: soft and luxurious, colorful and friendly, warm and beautiful. So, I'm thrilled to now be sharing my Snowflake Scarf with you, created with our first ever Purl Soho yarn: Super Soft Merino!

Super Soft Merino makes every lovely detail of the Rosette Stitch glow with a gentle halo of warmth. A chunky single ply of 100% merino wool, this yarn knits up with such a lavish drape and sumptuous coziness that even the most bitter winter wind is a breeze!

Stay tuned for more amazing patterns as we welcome Super Soft Merino into our lives. We hope you welcome it into yours! -Joelle



3 stitches = 1 inch in stitch pattern


10-inches wide x 70-inches long


Cast on 30 stitches.

Row 1 (Right Side):  Knit.

Row 2:  *P2tog, leaving stitches on left needle, bring yarn to back of work and k2tog through same stitches, drop stitches from left needle, repeat from * to end.

Row 3: Knit.

Row 4:  P1, *p2tog, leaving stitches on left needle, bring yarn to back of work and k2tog through same stitches, drop stitches from left needle, repeat from * until 1 stitch remains, p1.

Repeat Rows 1-4 until approximately 30 inches of yarn remains, ending with a wrong side row. Bind off on right side in knit.

Weave in the ends and wrap yourself up!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi I ave been browsing your site after adding a scarf to my pinterest page but as I live in Australia just wondering the ply I should look for Its the snowflake scarf in pure merino.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Oh dear. I just looked at where you are and I was in New York in April. I could have come in and bought some wool. I have a friend actually staying in Soho in September but by then will be too warm to start knitting.

  3. purl bee says:

    Hi Elizabeth-

    We think this yarn is equivalent to a Australian 12 ply. The page posted below contains a lot of great info for converting US yarn sizes to Australian and UK sizes:



  4. Elizabeth says:

    Hi again. I have ordered the wool for the fluted cowl. Can't wait for it to arrive. Which method should I use to cast on. It's a few years since I knitted something.

  5. purl bee says:

    Hi Elizabeth-

    We recommend a long tail cast on. Here is a tutorial:

    Thanks so much for your questions and good luck with the project!


  6. Annie says:

    How much does it roll? My daughter loves this but if it rolls she doesn't want it. Don't want to put in the work and then she doesn't like it.

  7. purl bee says:

    Hello Annie-

    It shouldn't curl, if it does it's very little and it can be blocked out.

    Thank you!


  8. Ann says:

    In terms of weaving in the ends. Do I just need to buy an especially large tapestry needle, or is there some other trick for this bulky weight yarn? Thanks!

  9. purl bee says:

    Hi Ann-

    There's no trick. Just get a large tapestry needle!

    Thanks for writing in!


  10. Knightyo says:

    Beautiful scarf and I'm trying to knit it as we speak. I'm having a problem tho. I'm on the second row and somehow I end up with one stitch left. I started with p2tog and leave the stitch on the left needle then k2tog after as directed and im left with one stitch. Have I don't something wrong with it? Assuming the first cast on count as stitch 1? Hope I'm not confusing you. Cannot wait till I finish this off! :)
    Thank you in advance :)

  11. purl bee says:

    Hi Knightyo,
    If I assume you have an even number of stitches cast on, you should only have an extra stitch at the end of your row on Row 4. Are you refefring to Row 2 or Row 4?
    On Row 4, you should p1, then work in pairs of stitches to the last stitch, and then p1.
    But on Row 2, you should not have an extra stitch at the end.
    Please write me back with any other questions!

  12. caroline says:

    Trying to make this for a friend, but the stitches are so tight! I'm sure I'm doing them right because the "rosettes" are formingbut it breaks my hands to knit it. Is there any way to make it easier/looser to knit? thanks!

  13. purl bee says:

    Hi Caroline,
    Often times when people work stitch patterns like this one (that involve working into a single stitch multiple times or dropping stitches of the needle) their tension gets abnormally tight compared to how they typically work The best way to compensate for the tautness, would be to go up in needle size. This will immediately loosen the fabric up. Or, sometimes, it just takes a little practice to get used to the rhythm of the pattern, and tension will loosen the more comfortable you get, so just some swatching or practicing before hand will help.
    Let us know if you have any other questions!

  14. Andrea says:

    Hello: I have just finished knitting this scarf and it is gorgeous! I love the feel of the wool, and the stitch pattern looks great. I would like to block since the ends have curled a bit and would appreciate any direction. Do you have a blocking tutorial? I use your short rows and weaving ends tutorials all the time! Thanks and happy new year.

  15. Stacy says:

    I love the pattern of this scarf. I am new to knitting but just finished the learn to knit scarf kit and would like to try a new pattern. Would this pattern work with a chunky alpaca yarn instead of the merino? I would like to try a slightly different yarn after using the merino from the kit! Thank you for the beautiful things that inspired me to learn to knit!

  16. purl bee says:

    Hi Stacy-

    This stitch pattern would work with any yarn, you will just need to adjust the needle size to fit whatever yarn you are using. Try knitting a swatch with a needle on the large size of what is recommended for your particular yarn and see if you like it! Just make sure to cast on a multiple of 2 and the pattern will work!

    Thanks for getting in touch!


  17. purl bee says:

    Hi Andrea-

    We do have a blocking tutorial. You can find it here:

    Thanks for getting in touch!


  18. Samina says:

    I have recently discovered your site. I soo love this pattern. I'm a novice and have not knitted beyond caps and scarves. This is exactly the pattern I was looking for, a bit complicated than garter and not too difficult that I lose interest!

    thanks and take care


  19. teddy says:

    Beautiful pattern for a scarf, unfortunately mine seems to turn in a bit at the sides. Do you think it would stay straight if on the Knit rows the first and last 2 stitches were done in purl? Or perhaps this would mess up the pattern at the edges…

  20. purl bee says:

    Hi Teddy,
    We always encourage people to play around with our patterns. It seems as though purling those stitches would definitely with the curled edge. It will interrupt the fabric like quality of this piece, but it's important you like what you end up with! We did find that after finishing the scarf and steam blocking it, the edges relaxed some. There is still a slight subtle curl at the edges, but not as dramatic as when it was being worked up.
    Hope this helps.

  21. Serene says:

    Hi there! I love this design and am thinking of making it for cold days in a warmer climate. The Purl Soho Super Soft Merino may be a little too warm for that though. Is there an alternative yarn I could use for a more equatorial climate (to use in cold air-conditioned offices or slightly cooler days)?


  22. purl bee says:

    Hi Serene-

    We don't have anything in this gauge that would work in a wamer climate. However the stitch pattern will work with any yarn and in any gauge! I think linen like this might be lovely: using a size 5 needle.
    Whatever yarn you choose, make sure to to a gauge swatch first to figure out how many stitches to cast on. The pattern will work with any multiple of 2 stitches cast on.

    Thank you!


  23. Serene says:

    Great! Thanks for the advice, Molly!


  24. christina says:

    Hi! Is there a particular way you recommend for joining new balls of yarn using this pattern? I feel like "knitting in" the new yarn would be too complicated.

  25. purl bee says:

    Hi Christina-

    We recommend that you knit to the end of a row and leave a 6-inch tail from the old ball of yarn and then start the new ball of yarn also leaving a 6-inch tail. Don't tie a knot or anything, just begin knitting with the new yarn. When you are done with your project you can weave in the tails.

    Here is our tutorial for weaving in the ends:

    Thank you!


  26. Hayley says:

    Hi there! First of all, I love this site! I’m getting started early this year so I have time to make pretty much everything on here for Christmas season :)

    I love this scarf but was wondering if it was possible to knit this in the round? Is there an easy way to convert more complicated patterns like this to the round? I’m not the best knitter (understatement!) so am still learning how to change things as I go.

    Thanks so much for your help!

    • Molly from the Purl Bee says:

      Hi Hayley-

      There isn’t a simple way to knit this in the round to create a tubular shape, but we do recommend that you use circular needles when knitting this pattern. You use them as you would straight needles.

      Thanks for your question!


  27. Kim says:

    Hiya :) Just wanted to drop a quick line. I am currently making this scarf. It’s a fun stitch, a beautiful stitch…and absolutely fun to work! I am using Loops & Threads Charisma…in Black Raspberry. Stunning scarf…and thank you so much for this pattern!

  28. Bailey says:

    I am wondering if this pattern would be okay to knit with 9mm needles?

    • Molly from the Purl Bee says:

      Hi Bailey-

      It might be. When a needle size is listed in a pattern it is always just a suggestion, the most important thing is that you are getting the correct gauge. You can use any size needles you like as long as you are getting the right gauge.

      With that said, on a pattern like this that doesn’t need to fit in the same way a sock, sweater or hat would you don’t need to be too precise with the gauge. So if you like the fabric you create with the 9mm needles then it should be fine!

      Thanks for your question!


      • Bailey says:

        Thanks a lot :)

        I really lik this pattern so I wanted yo try it with my 9mm! Thanks again!

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