Bear’s Rainbow Blanket

Like many parents, I soon discovered after having a baby that I'd never actually been busy before. Basic things like taking showers and returning phone calls suddenly seemed overrated. But for me, one thing that has never been dispensable is crafting things for my son, Bear.

I'm not saying that I sit around for hours, dreamily stitching away. No, it's more like a stolen moment here and a quick minute there; a few squares at jury duty, a couple more in a waiting room, and two years later a blanket is born!

As drawn out as the process was, making Bear's Rainbow Blanket was always an exhilarating ride. Each step contained a world of wonderment, from Koigu Premium Merino's incredible hand dyed colors to this fascinating stitch pattern that magically turns a circle into a square; from the arrangement of dozens of colors and 108 squares to the daydreams of Bear dragging his Rainbow Blanket off to college!

I think I could have crocheted these squares for the rest of my life, but I finally stopped myself when I had enough to make a 40 x 54-inch blanket, the perfect size for my four year old. The bed pictured here is a queen, but this blanket is also right at home on a twin bed... or under a circle of picnicking stuffed animals!

I've crafted quite a few things in my life, and though I have so much fondness for many of those things, this is perhaps the dearest to my heart. This blanket expresses not only my love for my son, but for crafting too. To pursue a grand plan to its very end is the chocolate cake of crafting: a rich and deeply satisfying experience!

To start concocting your own grand plan, read on! -Whitney


The Materials

To Make the Exact Same Blanket

FINISHED SIZE: 40 x 54 inches (9 squares x 12 squares)

To make your blanket just like mine you can order our Complete Rainbow Blanket Kit right here. It includes 52 skeins of Koigu Premium Merino (KPM), 100% Merino Wool. They are:

  • 11 skeins of color #00 for the borders.
  • 41 skeins for the inside squares. One skein of each of the following colors:
    • First column (far left, from the top):1175, 1173, 1155, 1145, 1143, 2121, 1100, 2227, 2229, 2220, and 1195
    • Second column: 1110, 2200, 1240, 1200, 2180, 2100, 2335, 2423, 1521, and 1521.5
    • Third column: 2339, 1520, 1051, 1532, 1504, 1500, 2130, 1045, 1043, and 1010.5
    • Fourth column: 3016, 2405, 2403, 2390.5, 2290, 3003, 2164, 2416, 1156, and 1400

    (The blanket is made up of 108 squares, but this is enough colored yarn to make over 400 inside squares! [You would need more yarn for the outside borders.])

You will also need:


To Make a Crib Size Blanket

FINISHED SIZE: 32 x 41 inches (7 squares x 9 squares)

To make a smaller version of the Rainbow Blanket, you can order one of our Rainbow Crib Blanket Kits right here. It includes a total of 13 skeins of Koigu Premium Merino: 7 colors for the inside squares and 6 of color #00 for the outside borders. Arrange the 63 finished squares however you want!

Choose from six different Rainbow Crib Blanket Kits (shown above):

  • Pebble (top left): 2390.5, 3003, 1156, 2403, 2164, 2416, and 2290 + 6 skeins of 00
  • Kitchen Garden (top right): 1195, 1240, 2200, 2339, 1521.5, 1051, and 1521 + 6 skeins of 00
  • Dolphin (middle left): 1500, 2130, 1043, 3016, 1504, 1045, and 1010.5 + 6 skeins of 00
  • Mineral (middle right): 2335, 2403, 3003, 2180, 1200, 2290, and 2390.5 + 6 skeins of 00
  • Pixie (bottom left): 1240, 1173, 2200, 1143, 2121, 1155, and 2100 + 6 skeins of 00
  • Pickup Truck (bottom right): 2403, 2229, 2390.5, 2405, 1010.5, 3016, and 2227 + 6 skeins of 00

You will also need:


To Design Your Own Blanket

Here is what you need to know to:

  • Each skein of KPM is 50 grams and 175 yards.
  • Bear's Rainbow Blanket is 9 x 12 squares (108 squares total). To make the same size, you'll need at least a total of 22 skeins of KPM. If you want a border color, you'll need 11 of it, plus at least 11 more skeins for the inside squares.
  • Each square uses about 32-34 total yards of KPM; 17-18 yards for the inside square and 15-16 yards for the outside border.
  • 1 skein of KPM can make 10 inside squares or 11 outside borders.
  • Each square measures 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches.
  • A skein of KPM Needlepoint Yarn is 3.125 grams and 10.9 yards, so for 1 inside square you need 2 KPM Needlepoint skeins.
  • Purl Soho always has a beautiful selection of Koigu's KPM. Click here to see it all, and have fun!


Notes On Koigu

  •  Koigu Premium Merino is hand dyed in small batches so please know that each dye lot is unique. This means that if you use one of our kits, it will look a lot like ours but will have some variations. It also means that if consistency is important to you, buy enough!
  • KPM is machine washable on a cold, gentle cycle. However, I would recommend pre-soaking any dark or saturated skeins in a cold white vinegar bath before you roll them into balls.


Crocheted Square Pattern


6 1/4 double crochets crochets = 1 inch

Finished Size

Each square is 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches


Inside Square

Round 1: With the Inside Color, chain 3 into an adjustable loop, make 15 double crochet (dc) into the loop...

... join to third stitch of beginning chain with a slip stitch. (16 stitches)

Round 2: Chain 3, [2 dc into next stitch] 15 times to beginning chain, 1 dc into base of chain...

... join to third stitch of chain with a slip stitch. (32 stitches)

Round 3: Chain 3, *2 dc into next stitch, 1 dc into next stitch, repeat from * to last stitch, 2 dc into last stitch, slip stitch into third chain. (48 stitches)

Round 4: Chain 4, (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc, 1 treble crochet [tr]) into the base of the chain...

..*skip 2 stitches, 1 half double crochet (hdc) into next 2 stitches, 1 sc into next 3 stitches, 1 hdc into next 2 stitches, skip 2 stitches, (1 tr, 2 dc, chain 2, 2 dc, 1 tr) into next stitch, repeat from * 2 more times, skip 2 stitches, 1 hdc into next 2 stitches, 1 sc into next 3 stitches, 1 hdc into next 2 stitches, slip stitch into 4th chain.

Round 5: Chain 3, 1 dc into next 2 stitches, *(1 dc, 2 tr, ch 2, 2 tr, 1 dc) into corner space, 1 dc into each stitch to corner (13 dc's), rep from * 2 more times, (1 dc, 2 tr, ch 2, 2 tr, 1 dc) into corner space, 1 dc into each stitch to beginning chain (10 dc's), slip stitch into 3rd chain. Cut the yarn and pull it through the last stitch.

Outside Border

Round 1: Join Border Color into a corner space. (Chain 3, 1 dc, chain 2, 2 dc) into corner space, *1 dc into each stitch to next corner space (19 dc's), (2 dc, chain 2, 2 dc) into corner space, repeat from * 2 more times, 1 dc into each stitch to beginning corner (19 dc's), slip stitch into 3rd chain.

Round 2: Chain 3, 1 dc into next stitch, *5 dc into corner space, 1 dc into each stitch to next corner space (23 dc's), repeat from * 2 more times, 5 dc into corner space, 1 dc into each stitch to beginning chain (21 dc's), slip stitch into 3rd chain. Cut the yarn and pull it through the last stitch.

Weave in whatever ends you didn't already crochet over.


If you are making the same exact blanket as this one, here is the layout of all the squares. (Note that in some of the story's photos the blanket is flipped over so that this layout is a mirror image of what you may see in the photos.)


There are lots of ways to attach your squares together. Some people like to crochet them together using a slip stitch or even a single crochet, but I prefer to sew them together with a length of yarn and a tapestry needle. And again there are several of ways to do that: a running stitch, some variation on a blanket stitch, or my preferred method, a whip stitch. Experiment and decide what you like best!

To whip stitch, I brought the needle under both strands of the edge stitches. Instead of turning the needle around to come back the other way, I pushed my needle through in the same direction for every stitch.

Remember to save yourself some trouble and sew over whatever ends you can!

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did! And happy hooking!

116 Responses to Bear’s Rainbow Blanket

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  1. purl bee says:

    Hi Lois,

    The hook size depends on the yarn you choose (even worsted weight yarns come in many weights, from "light" to "heavy"), but in general, a G, H or I hook would be a good place to start your experiments. And I don't know how big each square will end up, but I imagine about 7 inches…?? Try one out, and remember that if it feels too tight or looks too loose, try a different hook size.

    Thanks so much for asking and please let us know if you have any other questions!


  2. Kate says:

    Hi Whitney, after 6 months I've finally completed all the squares for the 3 rainbow blankets I am doing for my daughters!!! I just loved doing the squares and am so sad to be finished but of course am now faced with the task of sewing them all up!!! I've completed one blanket but am concerned that the squares aren't sitting nice and flat like yours, they're a little puckered. I attached squares using the single crochet method and am wondering if this (and it's tension) is the problem or is there something I should do such as iron it?

    I'd really like to get this right before I move onto the next two, particularly after all the beautiful work I've put into them.

    I don't know how to attach a photo so I hope you get what I mean!!

    Thanks so much for the gorgeous pattern, it's been such a wonderful journey.


  3. purl bee says:

    Hi Kate,

    Wow, congratulations on coming so close to finishing such an endeavor! I hope you figure out how to attach photos so we can see all three blankets when they're done!

    I would say that some puckering is normal (especially around the corners) and that as the blanket stretches and settles with wear, the puckering works itself out. However, if you're experiencing serious ripples and bumps, then yes, it could be a tension problem with your single crochets (maybe try a bigger hook).

    It could also be that you haven't quite sorted out the way the four corners meet. I suggest starting and ending each side by crocheting together the center stitch of the two corners you're attaching. This means that each corner stitch will eventually get crocheted twice (one time for each adjoining square).

    Please let us know if you need any more advice, because I want all of that hard work to end beautifully too! Thanks so much for your question and good luck!


  4. Diana says:

    Would the Cascade 220 Superwash Sport yarn work well for this? Is it a soft yarn? I would love to use the Koigu brand but I have 2 daughters who would love for me to make a blanket and I am looking for something a little less expensive without risking softness and comfort. Thanks so much!

  5. Hulya says:

    What lovely blanket. Wonderful colors. Thank you so much for the easy to follow intruction. I already tried one square with a cotton yarn and love it. I willl be looking for to find the rainbow colors and make one for my dougther.
    Is there any differences between merino wool and the wool?

  6. purl bee says:

    Hi Hulya-

    Thanks! I'm not sure I understand your question about the wool. Our version of this blanket is made with 100% merino wool, which is a soft and smooth and comes from a Merino Sheep, but the pattern will work with almost any fiber (like cotton, as you know!)

    If I didn't answer your question please let me know and thanks for the kind words about this pattern!


  7. purlbee says:

    Hi Diane,

    Yes, I think that would be a very nice (and affordable!) choice! The Cascade Superwash Sport may be a little thicker than the Koigu KPM, but that just means you'll either make fewer squares or make a bigger blanket!

    Thanks for your question and good luck!


  8. Nicole says:

    Hi, I have a question about fixing the colors. I have been dutifully soaking the skeins with the vinegar solution and found that, despite doing this over and over, and rinsing and rinsing, the deeply saturated colors are still running. I’ve been at it for two days, and when I rinse the skein the water is still lightly tainted. Should the rinsing water be clear? I must admit that the intense blue skein may now be ruined. So before I attempt this again I was hoping to find out what I am doing wrong. I’d hate to ruin any more skeins, or worse, not have them fixed properly and have them run into the white when I wash the blanket. Thanks in advance for any help…

    • Whitney from the Purl Bee says:

      Hi Nicole,

      Some dye colors are very stubborn, especially, as you say, deeply saturated colors. But even so, you should not have to nearly ruin a skein before the water runs clear! We have been in touch with Koigu about this, and they were sorry to hear your story and are happy to replace your skein for you. We will be directly in touch with you to make sure this happens!

      Thank you so much for alerting us to this problem!


      • Nicole says:

        Thanks Whitney. I appreciate your reply and the offer to replace the skein. I was actually at the store and the girls were so helpful and sorted out the replacement. It does sound like the blue skein was behaving abnormally. I’m pleased to report, however, that I’ve made a good start on the squares and am excited at how they’re turning out!

  9. summer says:

    any ideas on what to do with the leftover yarn? :)

  10. Dahui says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! I love this pattern ^_^

  11. Freddie says:

    I’ve been looking for inspiration for a comfort blanket for my nearly 10 year old grandson and have found it in this pattern. Thank you so much.

  12. Jane Green says:

    Love the combination of colours. You did a wonderful job! :)

  13. Diane Hurd says:

    This is so terrific looking! Searching for an “easy to travel with” car project and crochet projects work best for me as I need a break from my long term knit projects in progress and this is it. My Mother in Law was FAMOUS, in our family of course, for her Granny Square ‘Ghans so this will be a perfect future gift for her son, my hubby, in fall/winter/masculine color gradations. I just love it! Thank you!

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