Two Purl Bee Classics, Now in Super Soft Merino

I just can't get enough of Purl Soho's new yarn, Super Soft Merino. I am over-the-moon excited about this beautiful chunky-weight yarn. And, I'm not alone… Since its arrival, we’ve all been knitting up our dreamiest ideas of winter coziness!

Joelle created the wonderfully seasonal Snowflake Scarf. Faye knit up the comfy and dramatic Fluted Cowl. Whitney brought us a gaggle of brilliantly bold color block and striped hats. And, Spoiler Alert: there's more to come!

Today we bring you two Purl Bee classics re-conceived in Super Soft Merino for a fresh look and a wintertime feel! The Super Easy Crib Blanket borrows the classic striping from the baby-sized original, but at 2 3/4 stitches to the inch it requires fewer cast-on stitches and knits up to a bigger crib size. With voluminous stitches and a luxurious loft, this blanket is as soft and gentle as a cloud!

The Chevron Baby Blanket in Merino uses a single strand of Super Soft Merino, rather than the original’s two strands of cotton. The chevron stitch combined with the chunky weight yarn creates a dense and toasty baby blanket, perfect for floor or stroller time! We also changed up the striping, playing this time with whimsical irregularity.

If you haven’t knit with Super Soft Merino yet, you too may find that you can’t get enough. It’s truly a pleasure! --Laura

Chevron Baby Blanket in Merino


  • 3 skeins of Purl Soho's Super Soft Merino for the Main Color. I used Heirloom White.
  • 1 skein of each of the four Contrast Colors. I used Purl Soho's Super Soft Merino in Toasted Charcoal for CC 1, Desert Blue for CC 2, Oyster Gray for CC 3 and Yellow Yellow for CC 4.
  • A US #11, 24 or 32-inch circular needle.


3 stitches = 1 inch in garter stitch


Approximately 26 x 33 inches


If you want to change the sizing or use this stitch pattern for a different project, just cast on a multiple of 14 plus 2 stitches.


With Main Color (MC) cast on 100 stitches.

**Row 1 (right side): With MC, K1, ssk, *k10, k2tog, ssk, repeat from * to last 13 stitches, k10, k2tog, k1. (86 stitches)

Row 2 (wrong side): K6, *knit into front and back (kfb) 2 times, k10, repeat from * to last 8 stitches, kfb 2 times, k6. (100 stitches)

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 two more times.

With  Contrast Color 1 (CC 1), repeat Rows 1 and 2 four times.

Repeat from ** two more times.

***With MC, repeat Rows 1 and 2 three times.

With CC 2,  repeat Rows 1 and 2 four times.

Repeat from *** two more times.

+With MC, repeat Rows 1 and 2 one time.

With CC 3, repeat Rows 1 and 2 one time.

Repeat from + eleven more times.

With MC, repeat Rows 1 and 2 one time.

++With CC 4 , repeat Rows 1 and 2 four times.

With MC, repeat Rows 1 and 2 three times.

Repeat from ++ two more times.

With MC, repeat Row 1 one more time.

Bind Off Row: Bind off 5 stitches, *(knit into the next stitch and leave the stitch on the left needle, bind off 1 stitch, knit into the back of the stitch, let the stitch off the left needle, bind off 1 stitch) 2 times, bind off 10 stitches, repeat from * to last 8 stitches, (knit into the next stitch and leave the stitch on the left needle, bind off 1 stitch, knit into the back of the stitch, let the stitch off the left needle, bind off 1 stitch) 2 times, bind off 6 stitches, pull the yarn through the last stitch.

Weave in the ends and you're all done!

Super Easy Crib Blanket


Get all the yarn you need with our Super Soft Merino Super Easy Crib Blanket kits, available in six beauitufl colorways. Each kit includes...

  • 7 skeins of Super Soft Merino, 100% merino wool. The palette shown above is Macaron, which includes (from the top) Timeless Navy, Peacock Blue, Desert Blue, Oyster Grey, Heirloom White, Yellow Yellow, and Super Pink.

You'll also need...


2 3/4 stitches = 1 inch in garter stitch


Approximately 30 inches x 32 inches


To get a nice, neat edge  just slip the first stitch of every row knitwise with the yarn in back. (When you change colors, knit the first stitch of the row.)


With the first color, cast on 82 stitches.

Knit every row until you have used the entire skein (or until there are 11 or 12 garter stitch "ridges" [1 ridge = 2 rows]).

Switch to the second color and knit every row, using up the entire skein.

Repeat with each color, making sure to always switch colors on the same side.

After knitting all but a couple of yards of the seventh color, loosely bind off.

Weave in the ends and you're done!

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91 Responses to Two Purl Bee Classics, Now in Super Soft Merino

  1. Patricia says:

    Hi there,

    I would love to make the easy baby blanket. Is there any other yarn you would recommend instead of the super soft merino?


  2. eskimo*rose says:

    I love the whimsical irregularity, absolutely gorgeous and right up my street!

  3. Bethany says:

    These are fabulous blankets! I've just begun learning how to knit and I'm in the middle of my first project- a scarf, which seems to be taking forever. :) I would love to make these for my two sons once I'm done with the scarf.
    Thank you for sharing these!

  4. Lexi says:

    Beautiful – great designs and I love these colours!

  5. purl bee says:

    Hi Patricia-

    This is an update of an earlier pattern which used a different Merino in a smaller gauge:

    Or if you would like to keep the size and gauge of this version you could double Blue Sky worsted cotton, which is available here (and comes in great colors.):

    Thank you for your question!


  6. Charlie says:

    I'm loving the chevron blanket. I covet your super-soft. The colours in the range lend themselves to some really lovely combinations. I'm going to knit myself a money box in an inferior yarn to save up for some of this one!

  7. Jamie says:

    Absolutely love both of the blankets, great colors! But I think I want to make them bigger for me :)

  8. Kristin says:

    If we did want to make the chevron blanket for an adult, do you have the specifics we'd need for that??? I knit the original chevron baby blanked and my (adult) brother was jealous and wanted something similar of his own!!!

  9. purl bee says:

    Hi Kristin,
    I am not positive on how many skeins you would need for an adult sized blanket. To start though, I would suggest knitting it a bit looser. I knit the merino Chevron Baby Blanket quite tight, it's more of a play mat than a blanket.

    Other than going up a needle size, I would start with 21 skeins. If you are doing color blocks like the original, I would get three of each color.

    As a side note: if you like the single ridge striping where I combined the Oyster (light grey) and Heirloom White, it's a great option. You get skinny stripes, but you don't have too many ends to weave in like with the 3 and 4 ridge stripes in the rest of the blanket.
    I hope this helps.
    Let me know if you have any more questions.

  10. tanya says:

    hi! i want to make the easy baby blanket into more of a throw size..i bought the yarn at the store last weekend…how many stitches should i cast on?
    thank you….
    just finishing up two owls too…love love

  11. purl bee says:

    Hi Tanya-

    Try casting on 138 stitches for a 50-inch wide blanket.

    Thank you!


  12. Erin says:


    For the Chevron pattern, do you carry the cream throughout or stop and start for each color block?

  13. purl bee says:

    Hi Erin,
    You did carry the cream up when working it with the gray (the small chunk of stripes), but for the thicker stripes, I did not.

    Thanks for writing in.

  14. Hallie says:

    Starting this project for my friends baby due in Aug! Can't wait to see the result.

  15. Joan says:

    Love the blanket, mine turned out much longer than 33 inches

  16. JackeeBee says:

    Hi! I love this pattern.
    I'm working on the chevron blanket and am wondering if kfb 2 times (row 2) means knit front and back 2 times into the same stitch, or kfb into 1 stitch, and then kfb into the next stitch. Could you please clarify? Thanks much!

  17. purl bee says:

    Hi JackeeBee.

    Kfb 2 times means to knit into the front and back of the next stitch and the stitch after that.
    Hope that helps.

  18. Amy says:

    On the striped blanket, if I want to do two stripes the same color, would I need two skeins of that color, or will there be enough left over to create two full stripes?
    Thank you!

  19. purl bee says:

    Hi Amy,

    You would need two skeins of that color. Each stripe uses about one skein!

    Thanks for asking!

  20. Joan says:

    I was curious about the size of the blanket, my blanket was the correct width but was much longer and seemed too big for a baby blanket. How can I correct this,

  21. purl bee says:

    Hi Joan-

    Which blanket are you talking about- the Chevron or the Super Easy Crib Blanket?



  22. Joan says:

    Hi Molly

    The Chevron Blanket

    Thank you,


  23. purl bee says:

    Hi Joan,
    I am sorry your blanket ended up longer than you wanted. You can always rip out a few rows if you'd like it to be shorter. Sometimes people's row gauges don't match up even if their stitch gauge does. Did you use the recommended needle size?

  24. Joan says:

    I did use the suggested needle size – the way i read the pattern was to do 6 rows of the MC and 8 rows of the contrast colour, and then 2 rows of each with the oyster grey colour, is that correct?

  25. purl bee says:

    Hi Joan.
    Yes, that is correct. It sounds like you fully understand the pattern. I am not sure why the blanket ended up longer than usual.

  26. Molly says:

    I am so sad because I used the correct needles and my gauge is right but I ran out of the main color in heirloom white. My blanket is also much longer than 33 inches. It was difficult for me to understand how many rows to do once I got the the white and oyster grey alternating so I just counted them from the picture above and came to a total of 25. I don't know if that's where I lost my extra white yarn or not. I would have ran out a lot sooner but thrifted my white yarn by using a Russian join in several sections. Just bummed out because I wanted this done by tomorrow for my friends shower. Not sure what I did wrong.

  27. purl bee says:

    I am so sorry to hear this was frustrating for you. I am not sure how the yardage was so off. I wish I could shed light on the situation. I do hope the recipient loves the blanket. Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding this project.

  28. Janice says:

    Sooo is the chevron blanket super hard to make? I'm a crocheter and haven't touched knitting needles for many years…but that blanket is gorgeous and I REALLY want to make it.
    Do-able for a beginner??

  29. purl bee says:

    Hi Janice.
    Great question. Yes, it is do-able for a beginner. But it is not the most carefree of knitting projects. You do have to count a fair amount. Please let us know if you have any questions about the pattern.

  30. Kasie says:

    Hi I am wondering on the first part what does repeat from ** two more times mean? I cannot figure out what part I am supposed to repeat and where it ends. I went to the craft store for help reading it but was unable to get an answer, I am a new knitter and really wanting this to be a success but I am obviously not fluent in pattern reading quite yet ! I would appreciate any help! Thank you!

  31. Elana says:

    I am a little confused with the binding off for the chevron baby blanket.
    When it says "bind off 5 stitches *(knit into the next stitch and leave the stitch on the left needle, bind off 1 stitch, knit into the back of the stitch, let the stitch off the left needle, bind off 1 stitch)" –>am I supposed to bind off the 5 first stitches normally or with the instructions in the parenthesis. If you don't mind can you please clarify the entire bind off process.

  32. purl bee says:

    Hi Kasie,
    Repeat from ** means to find the symbol "**" in the pattern and repeat all the lines from the "**" to where it says "repeat".

    Sorry for any confusion. Hope this helps.

  33. purl bee says:

    Hi Elena,
    I am happy to expand on this.

    First you bind of 5 stitches normally, then you do what is inside the parentheses 2 times, then you bind of 10 stitches normally, then you repeat from the * until you get to the last 8 stitches. Then you do what is in the parentheses two times and then you bind of 6 normally.

    Hope this helps!
    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  34. susan says:

    Is the amount of yarn in the kit, the amount needed for the baby blanket or is there extra yarn? I am thinking of ordering two kits to get a regular size throw in the plain garter strip


  35. Jessica says:

    Hi there!

    If I was to knit up the super easy crib blanket in Blue Sky worsted cotton, how many skeins would I need? I read in a previous comment that if I do use this yarn that I'd need to double it- does that mean knit with two strands of yarn or double the amount needed?

    Thank you!


  36. SJ says:


    I want to make the Super Easy Crib Blanket in an adult size. How many skeins should I use? Also how many stitches should I cast on?

    Many thanks

  37. purlbee says:

    Hi Susan,

    The amount in the kit is enough to make just this 30 x 32-inch Crib Blanket. You will end up using almost all of the yarn, so to make a bigger size, you will need more yarn.

    Thanks for asking and please let us know if you have any other questions!


  38. purlbee says:

    HI Jessica,

    You would knit with two strands of the Blue Sky Worsted Cotton held together. However, at 150 yards per skein, you'd be knitting only 75 yards (as opposed to the 87 yards of Super Soft Merino). So, you might want to consider casting on several stitches fewer.

    Thank you for your question, and please let us know if you have any more!


  39. purlbee says:

    Hi SJ,

    If you wanted to double the size of the Super Easy Crib Blanket from 30 x 32 to 60 x 64, you would need four skeins of each color and you would cast on twice the number of stitches (i.e. 164).

    If you have a different size in mind, let us know and we'll help you out! Thanks for your question!


  40. Tess Appleby says:

    I've been knitting the chevron blanket and used the super soft merino. It is beautiful but i just wanted to let people know i ordered the amount specified and ran out of the main colour 2 rows before the end. Due to the super expensive overseas shipping from purlsoho i would recommend getting a extra skein on whatever you use for the main colour.

  41. Leah says:

    Hi- I love this pattern and am very excited to finish; however, I am having some trouble with the bind off. Can you expand more on the following?

    "knit into the next stitch and leave the stitch on the left needle, bind off 1 stitch, knit into the back of the stitch, let the stitch off the left needle, bind off 1 stitch"

    Than you!

  42. Kristin P says:

    Hi -
    I LOVE these patterns. I see that you did a stroller blanket in a thinner cotton. Is it possible to do a stroller blanket using the super soft merino? I love the colors and the look of it, but think I'd rather make a stroller blanket with it. Any suggestions on how much yarn to use and how many stitches should be cast on? Would there still be 12 "ridges" to the pattern for the smaller blanket? Thanks in advance!

  43. purl bee says:

    Hi Kristen-

    For a stroller sized (approximately 28 x 32-inches) we would recommend casting on 77 stitches and knitting each skein for about 4.5 inches.

    Hope this helps!

    Thank you!


  44. purl bee says:

    Hi Leah.
    First you bind of 5 stitches normally at this point there should be one stitch on your right needle.

    Then you *(knit into the next stitch, before you let if off the left needle though, slip the existing stitch from your right needle over that new stitch on the right needle, now fully knit into the back of that same stitch again letting it drop off your left needle, bind off 1). You do what is between the ( ) two times.

    Then you bind of 10 stitches normally, then you repeat from the * until you get to the last 8 stitches. Then you do what is in the parentheses two times and then you bind of 6 normally.

    Does that help at all? It's definitely a little tricky.

  45. Kristin P says:

    Hi Molly, Me again. If I wanted to use three colors (pink, gray and ivory) instead of seven colors for the stroller blanket, how many skeins of each color would I need?

  46. purl bee says:

    Hi Kristin-

    You will beed two skeins of each color.

    Ignore the first response about knitting 4.5 inches for each color. Instead, knit the entire skein instead.

    Six skeins should be plenty!

    Thank you!


  47. Sylvia says:

    Hi there, love your website. Just a quick question…..with the super easy crib blanket, will I use ALL the yarn required or will there be enough to possibly make two blankets? many thanks!

  48. purl bee says:

    Hi Sylvia-

    There is only enough yarn to make one blanket. Each stripe takes up nearly the entire skein.

    Thank you!


  49. Jenifer says:

    Question regarding Chevron blanket: I am wanting to knit a swatch of the pattern. I cast on 14 plus two….what portion of the written pattern deals with those stitches?

    I have tried to work it several times and cannot get it right when I get to the second row. I'm always out of stitches. It can't be this difficult. I'm certain I'm over thinking this…I do that a lot. LOL

    Thank you

  50. purl bee says:

    Hi Jennifer.
    The trick with swatching this chevron stitch is that you'll need a 30-stitch cast on. That is why we give the gauge in garter, to avoid asking people to make such a large swatch. If you do swatch up the chevron, cast on 30. At the end of row 1 you should have 26 stitches. This will make working Row 2 easier.
    Hope this helps!

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