The Purl Bee’s Best of 2012!

We had another whirlwind year here at the Purl Bee! Two thousand and twelve proved to be not only our most productive year yet, but also our most inspired. Always hoping to design the very thing that would spark your creative fire, our imaginations traveled far and wide this year. From waddling penguins to sophisticated cowls, here's a look back on some of our very favorite projects...

Top row: Windowpane Wholecloth Baby Quilt, Cap Sleeve Lattice Top, Brioche Cowl, Liberty and Wool Lap Duvets

Second Row: Lavender Sachets, Men's Mini Herringbone Scarf, Purl Bee Penguin, Easy Pullover for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Third Row: White Caps Cowl, Infant Mittens, Whisper Wrap, Broken Dishes Baby Quilt

Bottom Row: Bear's Rainbow Blanket, Reversible Sashiko Placemats, Forty Minute Tote, Little Cable Knee Highs

This year also brought the exciting arrival of Purl Soho's very own yarn, Super Soft Merino! Its sumptuous depth and vibrant palette brought out the very best in our creative energies. One-skein hand warmers, hats for the whole family, and even a Giant, Giant Granny Square Blanket that truly lives up to its name, Super Soft Merino inspired our coziest designs of the year!

Top Row: Garter Gaiter, Chevron Baby Blanket in Merino, Snowflake Scarf

Middle Row: Hats for Everyone!, Super Simple Super Soft Merino Baby Hat, Super Easy Crib Blanket

Bottom Row: Super Soft Merino Hand Warmers, Fluted Cowl, Giant, Giant Granny Square Blanket

And this year's best addition to our online store? Hands down, it had to be our Shop By Color feature! Since we love color as much as you do, we understood that being able to filter products by color would be a very welcome improvement to the online experience. And so, we put the rainbow in your hands, making every color as searchable online as it is on a shelf. Amazing!

Did we forget anything? Let us know if we missed your favorites! And have a very warm and happy New Year!

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10 Responses to The Purl Bee’s Best of 2012!

  1. Jane says:

    This is the year you rocked crochet! Besides Bear's Rainbow Blanket and Giant Granny Square, don't forget the jewelery dishes, snowflower ornaments, and the very popular Receiving Blankets with the crocheted edges! Thx for a creative year!

  2. Amanda says:

    Some lovely creations. The rainbow blanket is just divine – I hoping I get proficient enough at crocheting to make one myself some day soon.

  3. Maryse says:

    Your shop by color feature is so much fun.

  4. Rach says:

    Love the colours and simple designs! Inspiring! Glad to have finally linked in to this blog! xx

  5. Kathy says:

    The knitted snake!!!! Four people got knitted snakes for Christmas from me and that doesn't include all the people in my knitting group that made them.

  6. La poupette says:

    Hello! I'm french and I would say you that all your blog is wonderfull! Sewing, crochet and others….sorry for m'y english…i wish you have understood! Lol

  7. Hannah says:

    This is SO awesome. I have had the best time playing with it already!

  8. Sandra says:

    I was soooo happy to see the December project–wool lap quilt–a project that involves sewing. Let's see more sewing projects from Molly. As a non-knitter I appreciate the projects which involve some kind of machine or hand sewing.

  9. goose grass says:

    I love the penguins and the rainbow blanket and will definitly try to do both.

    Thank you for posting a year's summary – now I really want to see "the rest." I reblogged your highlights on my blog (hoping you're okay with that) and will follow you all though 2013. Can't wait to see what you're up to next – You rock!

  10. Deniqui says:

    I'm so glad I stumbled upon this site…. Love the cable knee highs, working on a pair right now :) I'm so excited to try so many more of these projects! Thanks for sharing these patterns and for the helpful tutorials!

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