Knit Two Together (k2tog) (Video)

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  1. cricks says:

    I'm so excited for these new videos. I'm quite new to knitting and self taught. I have just been doing basic stitches K1 P1 and would like to venture into trying some new stitches. It would be nice to have a little more explanation for each stitch if possible. For example, the K2TOG, why did you do the K2TOG four stitches from the end…instead of just the last two stitches? will you explain please? Love your store love your blog! you guys are the best. Thanks so much!

  2. purl bee says:

    Hi cricks-

    We did our k2tog two stitches in from the edge just so that it would be easier for viewers to see.
    In a pattern when you are instructed to do a K2tog it will always tell you where to place it. There is no right or wrong place to do it, you just do it where you need a simple decrease.

    Thank you so much for writing in and please let us know if you have any more questions!


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