Super Simple Dishtowels

It’s the last day of Cooks Week  here on the Purl Bee where we have been presenting a series of easy last minute gifts for all the cooks on your list. This last pattern is the easiest and quickest of the bunch, and it’s also a truly great gift: our Super Simple Dishtowels! No mitered corners, no tricky stitches, just some beautiful fabric and a few straight seams!

Dishtowels are not only essential kitchen companions (for minor spills, hot handles, and wet dishes), but they also give personality to a kitchen with a dash of color and an element of surprise!

For this set I used Robert Kaufman’s awesome Double Cloth woven cotton. With two different sides, Double Cloth delivers a unique and unexpected contrast with almost no effort at all. You can whip up a set in less time than it would take to go to the store and buy one. Plus, your dishtowels will be made with love! --Molly

PS- To check out our other Cooks Week projects, please click here for our Simple Linen Apron and here for our Simple Stitched Hot Pads. Wouldn’t all three together make a wonderful gift?


Our Materials for Super Simple Dishtowels kit includes…

These are enough materials to make a set of four 15-inch by 25-inch dishtowels.



Cut each piece of the fabric into two rectangles 17 inches wide by 27 inches tall.

Cut the twill tape into two 9-inch lengths.


For the first dishtowel pick one side of the fabric to be the right side. (You will treat the opposite side of the fabric as the right side for the second towel.)

With the right side facing up press, fold and press the long sides of the rectangle over ½ inch twice towards the right side.  Pin the folds into place. Using the matching thread, edgestitch down these folds.

Snip off the tips of all four corners of the dishtowel.

With the right side facing up, fold and press one short side of the rectangle over ½ inch twice towards the right side. Pin the fold into place. Using the matching thread, edgestitch down the fold.

Fold one of the pieces of twill tape in half so that its raw ends meet.

Fold and press down the second short edge of the dishtowel ½ inch towards the right side.

With the dishtowel oriented right side up with the unfinished short edge at the top, slip the raw ends of the twill tape loop under the fold at the top right  corner of the dishtowel, as shown above. Make sure that the raw ends of the twill tape loop extend ¼ inch beyond the side hem of the dishtowel.

Fold down the top edge and the encased loop once more ½ inch towards the right side. Press and pin the fold into place.

Edgestich down the top fold. Then go over the right hand side seam just at the top right corner to secure the loop into place.

Repeat for the second cut rectangle, treating the opposite side of the fabric as the right side. Make a whole other pair and you’re all done!

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6 Responses to Super Simple Dishtowels

  1. Jane says:

    So lovely and classic! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. This is great – so simple. I never have enough towels in my kitchen!

  3. Aaa says:

    How come you don't have an icon to post this on Pinterest? It's helpful!

  4. Margaret Johnson says:

    I love your pages but nearly go blind trying to read them partially my eyesight but a whole lot your penchant for pastels.

  5. franny says:

    easy pattern and beautiful fabric.
    i think i may use this fabric for a shirt in the future, it's so soft. but not the best fabric for a kitchen towel. they look great, but are not absorbent!

  6. staci says:

    I’ve been loving the PurlBee for a couple of years and am never disappointed when I visit! Thank you for sharing your creations and giving us tutorials for items we can create ourselves. I love your color schemes – and yes, the pastels are my favorites. Although, I do have imagination and can visualize anybody’s fabric choices into my own style ;)

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