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Something Blue: Jen's Wedding Garter

This wedding garter is the perfect "something blue" for a bride to be. It's very simple to make and comes together in a flash.

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Whit's Knits: Icarus Scarf

The Silken Straw yarns used to make this scarf are like blasts of sunshine. They shimmer and glisten and make me feel like I'm on a winged journey straight to the sun! Combining Alchemy's usual color wizardry with a beautifully nuanced texture, the effect is rustic and elegant at the same time. Definitely one of Purl's most sophisticated yarns, it crochets up into a very special scarf.

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Molly's Sketchbook: Felt Aquarium Magnets

When I was in the third grade my class took a field trip to Point Reyes, California to look at the tide pools. I was fascinated by them, each pool was like a small secret world. There were orange and purple sea stars, tiny little fish, and flower-like sea anemones. When I stuck my finger in an anemone's mouth it's sticky petal-like tentacles would close around it, thinking it was food (this probably isn't a nice thing to do to an anemone, but it certainly made an impression on me). My love for the ocean and all of its creatures has only grown in the subsequent years. I did some snorkeling in Hawaii and saw fish of every size, shape and color though the crystal clear water. It's hard to believe that some of the fish I saw were even real, they seemed too bright and too bizarre to be found in nature.

When we decided to make a set of felt-covered magnets I knew I wanted to make an underwater scene. I found pictures of my favorite fish and other sea life and came up with nine different creatures. Making them with of our bright, beautiful 100% wool felt was very simple and so much fun! I loved watching them come alive and once they were all done I had a surprisingly fun time posing them on their light blue magnetic board (AKA the Aquarium).

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Whit's Knits: Double Knit Belt

Double knitting is a fascinating and easy technique with lots of applications. Double knitting allows you to make flat-lying pieces that are stockinette stitch on both sides, wonderful for scarves and belts. It also produces a double layered fabric, great for cozy hats.

This simple belt is as easy as pie and so would be a perfect introduction to double knitting. Even if double knitting is old hat for you, this elegant belt knits up fast and is surprisingly useful. Wrap it around your waist to hold a cardigan closed, or around your neck to liven up a dull outfit, or around your head to save a bad hair day.

Knit with Blue Sky Alpaca's Silk Alpaca blend, it has a soft drape and a beautiful shine. It also comes in tons of clean, pretty colors. Choose a couple and get started!

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Mimi Kirchner's Hand Sewn Felt Doll

The beautiful handmade dolls pictured above were created from a pattern developed for The Purl Bee by the incredibly talented, brilliant and generous Mimi Kirchner. When we first discovered Mimi's blog, Doll, we were in absolute awe of her work and knew we must invite her to create a doll pattern for our readers. We were so pleased when she accepted our invitation and even more thrilled when she brought the dolls with her to New York City and we finally got to meet her. We loved Mimi just as much as we love her dolls! 

PS. Be sure to check out Mimi's Blog by clicking this link to see all of her beautiful work!

Finished Measurements

Approximately 14-inches tall from heel to top of head.

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