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Ironing Board Recovery Project


We used to have a strong aversion to ironing, hiding our iron in the bottom of the closet and neglecting our rickety hang-on-the-door ironing board. Then one day we learned to love ironing because we love sewing.  Taking the time to press your fabric makes a big difference in the construction of any project, and it's no big deal once you know how to do it.  We came to understand that sewing needs ironing; otherwise our sewing room becomes a very un-Zen place. So we upgraded our ironing board with a beautiful new cover, and made friends with our iron.

But, what is it with ironing boards?  The old cover of my board had a tag that read "do not hand wash or machine wash".  I read that and thought, "I use natural, 'washable' materials when I sew, so why shouldn't I use natural materials to iron?"  Before I threw away that old cover I used it as a template to make this new one. -- Isabelle

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Cashmere Cowl No. 2 - Lace Rib


We're having a bit of a Cashmere Cowl craze at the shop lately, so I thought I'd create one for myself.  I'm known for knitting almost everything in either stockinette stitch or garter stitch (I am often asked, "don't you get bored??" The answer is NO, I do not get bored, in fact I love it!), but I decided it was time for me to make a something a little more complicated.  I chose this Lace Rib stitch for my cowl because it was simple enough to be methodical and easily remembered, but created a beautifully detailed fabric.  --Joelle


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Cottage Creations Flap Hat

flap hat.jpg
Cottage Creations' Flap Hat is a great pattern in the spirit of Elizabeth Zimmermann, lighthearted and thorough with ingenious techniques.  cottage creations.jpgCarol Anderson, the author and owner of Cottage Creations, fills each of her booklets with stories, tips, and illustrations by her daughter Kari.  We love the way she manages to add humor, helpful reminders, extra patterns and inspiration into each booklet.


Here's Carol's "Iowa Gothic" portrait with her husband Paul.



Joelle made her own Flap Hat using two skeins of Jade Sapphire's sumptuous 8-ply cashmere. This pattern can be made for all sizes of heads, from toddler to grown-up, with worsted weight yarn. The flaps are wonderfully warm, with i-cord ties that dangle from each point.  The crown shaping comes together 5 different ways, shown in one of Kari's sketches. Joelle chose the "side to side" decreases.




Molly's Handmade Napkins


I always celebrate Thanksgiving by throwing a big party with my friends.  This year I made my own napkins with one of our spectrum bundles and some yellow polka dot fabric.  I think I'll set the table with yellow roses... -- Molly

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Cashmere Cowl


One of my all-time favorite patterns is the cowl, which is technically just a knitted tube. But, when I slip it over my head it becomes a softly draping beautiful necklace that I want to wear every day from December til March.

This is the perfect travel project - it has so few ingredients!  I knit my cashmere cowl as Nick and I travelled from Seattle to Portland and back again, crossing the mouth of the mighty Columbia River. 

My cowl is a variation of the beautiful Pashmina Cowl from Joelle's Last Minute Knitted Gifts. She used a smaller needle to knit Joseph Galler's luxurious pashmina yarn in stockinette stitch.  -- Isabelle

pashmina cowl.jpg 

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