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Purl Rabbit Dress


Looks like Purl Rabbit has been shopping!  This pretty dress has bell sleeves and a deep v in the front and the back.  The skirt is pleated for fullness.  Very stylish for such a little rabbit!

You can find the free pattern in the Purl Rabbit Dress belowl. If you'd like to make a Purl Rabbit of your own, please visit the Rabbit Doll Project

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Clothes for Purl Rabbit


A Friend for The Purl Bee: Purl Rabbit


Purl Rabbit is our first project for 2007!  Rabbit arrived with a snappy outfit and lots of energy.  We'll be adding new clothes, toys, and friends for Rabbit in the coming weeks that we hope you'll enjoy making with us. 


Rabbit is a simple pleasure; just a bit of cotton stuffing, all-natural muslin and polished stitches. Purl Rabbit stands 12 inches tall from heel to head.

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Ironing Board Recovery Project


We used to have a strong aversion to ironing, hiding our iron in the bottom of the closet and neglecting our rickety hang-on-the-door ironing board. Then one day we learned to love ironing because we love sewing.  Taking the time to press your fabric makes a big difference in the construction of any project, and it's no big deal once you know how to do it.  We came to understand that sewing needs ironing; otherwise our sewing room becomes a very un-Zen place. So we upgraded our ironing board with a beautiful new cover, and made friends with our iron.

But, what is it with ironing boards?  The old cover of my board had a tag that read "do not hand wash or machine wash".  I read that and thought, "I use natural, 'washable' materials when I sew, so why shouldn't I use natural materials to iron?"  Before I threw away that old cover I used it as a template to make this new one. -- Isabelle

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Cashmere Cowl No. 2 - Lace Rib


We're having a bit of a Cashmere Cowl craze at the shop lately, so I thought I'd create one for myself.  I'm known for knitting almost everything in either stockinette stitch or garter stitch (I am often asked, "don't you get bored??" The answer is NO, I do not get bored, in fact I love it!), but I decided it was time for me to make a something a little more complicated.  I chose this Lace Rib stitch for my cowl because it was simple enough to be methodical and easily remembered, but created a beautifully detailed fabric.  --Joelle


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