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Corinne's Thread: Pillowcases for Every Bed

The first machine-sewing project I ever attempted was a pillowcase. The seams were a bit wonky and the hems were slightly uneven, but when I turned the whole thing right side out and slipped it on the pillow, you know what? It worked! Even with all its imperfections, it looked great, and so began my love affair with the humble pillowcase… and with sewing.
Since then, pillowcases have been my go-to project whenever I’m fond of a fabric, need a last minute gift (Mother’s Day!) or just want to spruce things up around the house. The seams are a bit straighter now and the hems are more precise, but no matter how many other projects I have under my belt, I come back to this simple and rewarding design time and time again. 
Sized for Standard, Queen, and King pillows, these really are Pillowcases for Every Bed. And although the pattern is so straight-forward that even a sewing novice can feel confident taking it on, the French seam details and envelope fold cuff add a challenge and polish that more experienced sewists will appreciate. 
With two styles (one plain, one with a contrast edging) and ten colorful fabrics, I had so much fun mixing and matching the cases for this giant pile of pillows. So, choose a few favorite fabrics and spend an hour to make a pair for yourself, or an afternoon to refit every bed in the house, or a weekend to make a set for everyone you know. I’m not kidding. They’re that easy and that addictive!
- Corinne

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Molly's Sketchbook: Simple Lined Zipper Pouches

Back when I was newer to crafting a wise knitter (it was Joelle!) told me that if you can knit a pair of mittens you can knit anything. Even though mittens are small they require many different skills so their lessons are easy to blow up on a bigger scale. Now that I’m little wiser myself I’ve found that, much like playing scales on the piano or running drills in basketball, there are certain fundamental craft projects that set you up for wider success!

These zipper pouches are just such a fundamental project: a simple pattern that serves to build confidence and competence. Plus the finished pouches are super useful and cute! They’re a perfect project for a new sewist who wants to start working with zippers and edgestitching or for any more experienced sewists out there who might suffer from zipper anxiety!

Our Materials for Simple Lined Zipper Pouches kit contains everything you’ll need to make six pouches in a range of sizes so you’ll be able to get plenty of practice with your new skills! Once you’ve mastered these just think of the places you’ll go!- Molly

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Mother's Day Crafts!

Every mother has her talents. Maybe she could sing your tears away or maybe she coached your soccer team to an undefeated season; maybe she caught every grammar mistake in your book reports or maybe she's hand knit you cozy socks every birthday since you were two. Whatever her forte, the day to celebrate mom is close at hand, and it's time to give back some love with the product of your own talents!

Get tons of inspiration from our amazing archive of Women's Projects. Some of our favorites are shown above...

To browse our complete gallery of knitting projects for women, click here; and for sewing projects, click right here!

Or maybe, even though your love is huge, your free time is small. In that case, crafty moms will love one of Purl Soho's beautiful Gift Kits. These special packages include all of the major materials mom will need to complete a Purl Bee project, plus a pretty card that pictures the finished project and gives instructions on where to find the free pattern.

Choose from thirteen Purl Bee projects, including the nine shown above. They are...

Top Row, from the left: Pointy Hats for Newborns, Worsted Twist Seed Stitch Scarf, and Knit Octopus

Middle Row: Wool and Liberty Teddy Bear, Woven Plaid Scarf, and Bear's Rainbow Blanket

Bottom Row: Pin Loom Coasters, Toddler Socks, and Everyday Tote

Plus, four more shown below...

Top Row: Bobble Sheep Pillow and Ombre Cowl

Bottom Row: Super Easy Blankets and Denim Pinwheel Quilt

To check out our entire collection of Gift Kits just click here.

Whether you're crafting for mom or you're giving her the gift of crafting, this Mother's Day will definitely be full of love!

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Whit's Knits: Woven Pearl Cowl

Rigid heddle weaving is a relatively new pursuit of ours here at the Purl Bee. With last spring's arrival of Schacht Spindle Co's tabletop Cricket Loom a whole world opened for us, a world of reeds and shuttles, warps and wefts. And as we explore this unfamiliar land, under every rock is a surprise even more beautiful than the last.

This project pairs fine yarns with a fairly open reed and a light touch. With the ocean and its salty breezes and sparkling tides on my mind, I chose for the weft Alchemy's Silken Straw. It embodies the rusticity of driftwood together with the elegance of a pearl. In contrast, Purl Soho's extraordinary Line Weight serves as the warp. A simple single ply of merino, it brings a cottony, matte softness to the project.

As exquisite as the Pearl Cowl looks, it's actually a breeze to make. Even if you have never woven before, you can plunge into the ocean and come up with a pearl! To get started, pick up Purl Soho's Materials for Pearl Cowl, which comes either with the 15-inch Cricket Loom or as a yarn-only kit.

And don't forget dear mom, whose day is less than a month away. Wouldn't she feel as beautiful as a mermaid in her own Pearl Cowl? Happy weaving! -Whitney

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Shop's 40% Off Sale!

It's the season to straighten, sort and organize; it's spring cleaning season! And at our Huge Spring Cleaning Sale is still on with 40% off tons of amazing materials and products...

Shore up your fabric stash with our legendary Yard Sale on beautiful quilting cottons, Japanese prints and organic fabrics. Plus, special fabric collections are now on sale, like Carr Textile's Organic Cotton Duck, Freespirit's Corduroy Solids, and others. Click here for all of our sale fabrics!

On the yarn front, stock up on Habu's innovative fibers, Anzula's Spinning Fibers, and select colors from favorites like Swans Island, Anzula, Koigu, Jade Sapphire and more. Click here for all of's fabulous sale yarns!

And get inspiration for all of your new supplies from piles of classic patterns and books now on sale. For sewing patterns from companies like Oliver + S, Betz White and Amy Butler, click here; and for knitting patterns from Roo Designs, Blue Sky, Spud & Chloe and loads more, click here. For all sale books, click right here!

Plus, treat yourself to some of our very favorite things like Baggu's Bags and Leather Totes, Ester & Erik's Tapered Candles, delicious Bellocq Teas, gorgeous Quilted Throws from Utility Canvas and more! For all of our sale gifts, just click here!

Hey, spring cleaning isn't so bad, is it? Please explore our entire Spring Cleaning Sale here and happy spring!

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