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Molly's Sketchbook: Embroidered Covered Buttons

Since Purl Patchwork opened I have deepened my love of embroidery. I own almost every Valdani's embroidery thread color in existence. I like seeing how small my stitches can be and embroidering tiny things. As my skills were improving I started thinking of different ways to use embroidery and I came up with these embroidered covered buttons.

I thought making covered buttons would be an involved process until I heard about covered button kits. They make  covering a button really really easy. Once I got the kits I was on a roll and I made over 150 buttons! -Molly


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Whit's Knits: Mary Jane Slippers


When I was seven I relished any chance I could get to wear my black patent leather Mary Jane's. No event was too insignificant! Now I like to shuffle around my apartment in these knit slippers reminiscent of the classic style. 

Some historical perspective: Mary Jane was sister to Buster Brown, star of the early 20th century comic, Buster Brown. The Brown Shoe Company licensed the names and characters of the strip and made Mary Jane Shoes what they are today. Cute and sassy!

Enjoy! --Whitney


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Japanese Crafting with Mari: Sashiko


Sashiko embroidery is one of my favorite crafts.  It's easy to master and the process is very meditative and relaxing.  Sashiko is a type of Japanese embroidery that was traditionally used to reinforce clothing.  The typical colors used were indigo cloth with white thread.  Today, sashiko is used a decorative technique on every kind of textile product imaginable.

I made the Sashiko sample above using one of our pre-printed Sashiko kits. To learn how to make one yourself, visit my Sashiko Tutorial.  Enjoy! --Mari


Whit's Knits: Giacomo's Baby Hat


My great friend Giovanna, never one for mincing words, flat out asked me to make a hat for her one year old, Giacomo. And she requested a pom pom. If you knew Giacomo, you'd have a hard time refusing too!

This project is a great opportunity to practice your Fair Isle skills. It's small enough to rip out, redo, and make a few. Also, baby's are so uncritical.

To design this hat I used the help of this great book. Besides ancient images of rugged Scottish fishermen covered head to toe in expertly knit Fair Isle gear, the book includes pages and pages of black and white traditional stitch patterns. I chose one, came up with a little border and a color scheme and here you go!  Enjoy! --Whitney

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Molly's Sketchbook: Cozy Hooded Baby Towel


As soon as we got the new Michael Miller Organic Cotton Terry Cloth I knew I had to make something out of it. It is incredibly soft plus I really love that it's organic. I decided to make a baby towel with a lined hood to really utilize its lush feel.

One of the only other fabrics that can match the Michael Miller Organic Cottons in softness is the Trefle Gauze. I used the cute, gender neutral, "Bee" pattern for the binding and sweet little hood. The two fabric's create a subtle, natural looking palette, perfect for a new baby. Wrap it up with some bath goodies and you'll have a stunning baby shower gift! --Molly

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