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The Red, White and Blue!

The best part of Independence Day? That would have to be Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The second best part? Definitely the palette!

This year we're celebrating the Fourth of July with classic Purl Bee designs that employ Old Glory's signature red, white and blue. These projects also happen to be some of our very favorites for summertime, all of them designed to fill hot, lazy afternoons with fresh inspiration...

The materials for lots of these projects are available in convenient Purl Soho kits. Browse them all right here! And have a very happy Fourth of July!


Molly's Sketchbook: Modular Felt Coasters

Sometimes the most original and creative things are devised because of, and not despite, limitations. These constraints can be practical, like using old clothes or flour sacks to create beautiful quilts, but sometimes they are self-imposed. Think of Piet Mondrian and the De Stijl movement using only primary colors and simple shapes or Henri Matisse creating masterpieces using just scissors and colored paper. 

These Modular Felt Coasters work within the limitations of a grid using only 2-inch squares and right triangles, but the process of creating these coasters is pure invention, much more like play than work! I love how each coaster evolves into its own little treasure, amazingly different from the others despite the similarity of their components.

In addition to being super fun to make, these Modular Felt Coasters are also super simple. Just cut and hand stitch! No machine required, so tuck a Felt Bundle into your carry on or weekend tote. And when you’re done, slip your new coasters under some tall, beachy drinks!

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Laura's Loop: Tulip Tank Top

At first bud a tulip’s elongated petals are packed tightly, protectively hugging its center, but it doesn’t take long for the stance of the petals to soften. Those lovely ovals separate slightly and open finally, giving a glimpse of what’s inside. Even as the petals flounce, they remain in an embrace, now catching the sunlight, as well as the attention of admirers.

Wanting to experience the beauty and femininity of a tulip’s structure, I designed this Tulip Tank Top to wrap and overlap, to gently hug my center… maybe even to attract some admirers!

I took advantage of the beauty and drape of Louet’s 100% linen Euroflax, knowing it would fall gracefully and catch the light with movement. I knit this piece primarily in stockinette stitch for a smooth finish and a pretty, little curl along the short-row-shaped edges. And over time, you can expect the linen to soften and relax, becoming better with each wear.

I may not be frolicking amidst the actual tulips this year, but my new Tulip Tank has me feeling as fancy-free as if I were! -Laura 

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Whit's Knits: Washcloths and Scrubbing Mitt

We cleanse ourselves; we perform our ablutions; we purify and detoxify. In short, we take bathing to spiritual heights. For such a journey, shouldn't we equip ourselves properly? These scrubbers should do the trick, imbued, as they are, with the devotion inherent in the handmade.

This lovely little Washcloths and Scrubbing Mitt set isn't designed for your three-minute-slap-on-the-soap-and-rinse shower. No...These beauties are for your no-one-is-home-no-place-to-go soak.

These bathing accessories are made possible by the wild creativity and impeccable touch of Habu Textiles. Their incredible Cork Chenille is constructed around a thin cotton strand bedecked by little flags of cotton ribbon. Knit up in simple garter stitch, the texture is gently exfoliating, thick, lush and deeply satisfying.

With a few little balls of Cork Chenille and a set of needles, you've got the perfect, no-sweat project for summer's traveling and lollygagging. And when you're done, take a a nice, long bath! -Whitney

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New! Supplies from Fringe Supply Co.

If you read Karen Templer's blog, Fringe Association, as regularly as we do, then you know that not only does she illuminate the world of knitting for us, but her company, Fringe Supply Co., also keeps us beautifully outfitted with the tools we need to embark on our own knitting adventures. And now Purl Soho is so happy to announce that we, too, are selling the things we love from Fringe Supply Co.! (Details below...)

Plus, this week on Fringe Association, the Purl Bee team reflects on our favorite tools, notions and accessories. For Karen's Our Tools, Ourselves feature we discuss the supplies we can't live without, the things we love for all the same reasons we love Fringe Supply Co. products: for their superior quality, soundness and beauty. Click right here to find out what makes our list!

And here are those details we promised, all the lovely (and witty!) items from Fringe Supply Co. that Purl Soho is now proud to offer...

Stitch Markers

  • The Black Stitch Markers are utility-chic black rubber and come in a resealable paper envelope.
  • The Removable Stitch Markers are elegant coil-less safety pins in antiquated brass, which also come in their own little envelope.
  • And the Leather and Brass Stitch Marker Set includes a dozen jewel-like brass and nickel markers housed inside a petite leather pouch, which is handmade at Fringe Supply Co.'s own studio.


  • Every knitter knows a sense of humor goes a long way, and the High-Fiber Letterpress Print puts us on the right path. Lovingly pressed on Crane and Co.'s creamy cotton rag, the print reads, "Wool is an essential part of any high-fiber diet." Hee hee!
  • A reconfiguration of the classic food pyramid, the letterpress Yarn Pyramid Print is an amusing reminder of how essential yarn is to our daily diets. Put your yarn appetite into perspective!


  • The Knit and Let Knit Tote is not only sturdy, roomy and chic, it's also emblazoned with the Fringe Association credo. Proportioned for actual use, this cotton canvas tote is both accommodating and durable with wide, comfortable straps and a generous gusset. Perfect, really.

Click right here to browse all of Purl Soho's Fringe Supply Co. products and get supplied!

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