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Molly's Sketchbook: Liberty of London Tana Lawn + Neon Elastic Skirt

Liberty of London Tana Lawn is one of our favorite fabrics. It has a smooth silky feel (even though it's 100% cotton) and its printing quality is legendary. We recently started carrying a wider variety of the Tana Lawn Classic prints. These are prints that Liberty always reproduces and many have been in print for decades. You may even remember some of them from your childhood!

One of these classic prints is Pepper, a beautifully speckled and rather modern looking print that comes in the coolest colors. The fine details of the printing and the unexpected color combinations make this particular print something very special. Since it's a very tiny print it may not be the first to grab your attention, but once you get a good look at it it's hard to ignore!

We also recently started carrying a wider variety of trims, including some very whimsical and colorful trims from Knit Collage as well as some amazingly bright neon elastic.

I had the idea to make a simple skirt with an elastic top around the same time that all of these new products were coming into the store and Page (who loves all things neon!) helped me pick out this fun combination.

I love how the simple elegance of the Liberty of London Tana Lawn is transformed into something so unexpected and modern with the addition of these neon accents. This is a very easy project to sew and can be made in any size. I think it would also be exciting to try making it from some of our more autumnal Liberty of London fabrics, like the Kingly Cord or Lantana Wool both of which we just recently started carrying. The corduroy is a very fine whale and so soft, and its whimsical prints are so inspiring. The wool is more sophisticated and has a sweeping drape that would make this skirt absolutely stunning!

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Molly's Sketchbook: Welcome to the Lovely World of Needlework!

The world of needlework is broad and totally inspiring. It includes embroidery, sashiko, needlepoint, counted cross stitch and crewel (like our Partridge in a Pear Tree kit pictured above), each one with it's own beauty and charms. As Purl Soho has grown our love of needlework has grown right alongside and we now carry an extensive selection of tools, threads, needles and fabrics for embroidery, needlepoint and all the varieties in between. For the uninitiated, it can be a little daunting understanding the differences between the different disciplines, so we decided to present this overview of some of our favorite types of needlework, including the supplies and tools you'll need to get started!

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Molly's Sketchbook: Strawberry Pillows

These pillows are easy and quick to make, a perfect end of summer project! The best thing about them is seeing other people's reactions to them. Everyone who sees them wants to touch them, squeeze them, and carry them around. There is something about their large size (about 15-inches high) that just makes people smile!  --Molly

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More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts is Here!

Last week we shared a preview of our latest book, More Last-Minute Gifts, and let you know it was on its way to our warehouse.  We are so pleased to announce that the book has arrived!  You can order a copy of More Last-Minute Gifts (and request a signed copy if you so desire) right here.  You can check out our preview of projects from the book right here

Happy Knitting! --The Purl Bee


Whit's Knits: Fruity Trivets + Pot Holders, The Knitted Version!

A few months ago I made a crocheted version of these Trivets and Pot Holders...

Lots of crocheters picked up their hooks to make themselves a set or two, but it turns out that quite a few knitters felt a little left out. So, by popular demand and so everyone feels included, here is a knitted version of the same Fruity Trivets and Pot Holders. Just as thick and squishy, just as practical, just as cute, you can take your pick!

Like their crocheted cousins, the knitted versions are made out of the beautiful Blue Sky Worsted Cotton. Its sassy, vibrant colors are perfect reflections of August, whether you spend it at the beach, the back porch, or the park (like us!).

We're really excited to announce that the Fruity Trivets + Pot Holders are our first ever Purl Bee Kit! Each kit includes a hard copy of both the crochet and knit patterns, and also all of the Blue Sky Cotton yarns pictured above (enough for at least one of each Trivet and Pot Holder). Hooks and knitting needles are not included (we don't want people to have to double up on what they already own!). If you would like to order the Knit or Crochet Fruity Trivets + Pot Holders Kit please click here.  You find our original Crocheted Fruity Trivets + Pot Holders Project Journal here.

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