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Whit's Knits: Cashmere Hats for Mom, Dad and Baby

Every winter I make my husband, Adam, a new hat. Two years ago I made him the 70's Ski Hat and three years ago was the Almighty Alpaca Hat. Years before went unrecorded on these pages, but are still in his head wear rotation.

Admittedly, I was a little remiss last winter with Adam. Instead of making him a hat, I was frantically knitting my way through my last trimester of pregnancy, convinced that my baby would freeze to death without a chest full of handknit sweaters and blankets. This year I didn't want anyone to be left out and so decided that we would all get new hats. Actually, not just new hats, but new cashmere hats.

I think Jade Sapphire's cashmere might come from magical goats. How else to explain the luxurious softness and the gentle fuzzy halo that glows around the yarn? The hand dyed color is just as magical. Complicated, subtle and rich, it inspires combinations that you've never dreamed of!

I didn't want our hats to be super matchy-match, instead I wanted them to reflect the personality of the wearers. Adam's is relaxed and a little funky, Bear's is cuddly and a bit quirky, and mine is perfect...just joking!

Knit all three to make a family's winter extra special or give them individually to friends and family whose heads might need some cozying up!

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Lovely Design's Lovely Little Forest Quilt

We are big fans of the wonderfully creative products made by the super talented Sharilyn Wright of Lovely Design (you can find tons of great gifts on her site).  In fact, we've used her beautiful rolodexes in our shops for years. Recently, Joelle came across an incredibly sweet yet modern Christmas Tree Quilt on Sharilyn's Flickr page (while you're there, you may want to look around at her photostream a bit, it is filled with amazing, inspring ideas!).  We loved it so much and knew that you would, too! We asked Sharilyn if she would be willing to share her pattern with our Purl Bee readers and she generously agreed.  We think you'll agree that her quilt is charming, graphic, modern, and very, very lovely.

Since not everyone has a lot of time to make a quilt before the holidays (including us), we made a small version that went very quickly.  The beauty of Sharilyn's pattern is that you can make it as small or large as time allows! Joelle and I made this quilt together while sitting in front of a cozy fire.  We hope you'll find the time to enjoy making one of your own.   Thanks Sharilyn!!  --Page and Joelle

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Molly's Sketchbook: Embroidered Dreidel Game Pouches

Hanukkah starts this year on December 11th so I wanted to get a jump on the festivities by sending something fun and personal to my niece Miriam and nephew Daniel for their celebrations. I decided to make these monogramed pouches and fill them with everything they will need to play the dreidel game: a dreidel, some chocolate coins (aka gelt), and even a little printout with a copy of the rules.

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Molly's Sketchbook: Simple Embroidered Stockings

These stockings are designed to be a quick project. You can make one for each member of your family and still have time to be together and enjoy the holiday!  They are made with the rich, gloriously colored solids from Kaufman, Essex and Kona Cotton as the base, and the simply beautiful natural Essex as the lining. There is something so sweet about seeing everyone's stocking hung on the mantle in anticipation of the goodies that will soon fill them!

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Colorful Crafting with Jen: SnoBuddy Family from Knitting at KNoon

These snowmen may be the cutest project I've ever completed. The pattern is from the creative minds at Knitting at KNoon, and is called The SnoBuddy Family

The snowmen were super quick and easy to make, and it was so fun to make their little tiny accessories. The tiny scarves for the mom and dad were done in no time and made my Snobuddy family come to life! 

I think my favorite accessory to make was the little boy snowman's gloves.  I'm not sure what made this particular part was so gratifying, but it may have something to do with the finished product, could it be any cuter?

To make my entire SnoBuddy family I used just one skein of Blue Sky Alpaca's Suri Merino, a super soft, slightly fuzzy yarn that reminded me of a freshly fallen snow (but any soft white worsted or aran weight yarn will work for the pattern). For needles I used Crystal Palace double pointed US size 6 bamboo needles. For their accessories, I went into my stash and found some scraps in the same gauge as the Suri Merino to ensure that the hats, scarfs and gloves would fit.

You can find the SnoBuddy Family pattern from KNitting at Knoon right here!

I hope you'll enjoy making these snowmen as much as I did! --Jen

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