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Whit's Knits: Granny Square Slippers

My cousin Katie recently spent some time in the Republic of Georgia and brought me back these amazing blue and pink crocheted slippers. She reported that similar slippers were for sale at all the marketplaces, always in bright and unexpected color combinations.

Upon closer inspection, I saw that each slipper was made up of six equally sized granny squares. How beautifully simple! I love when intelligent design meets handcraft, when innovative engineering meets a house slipper.

For my take on the traditional design, I wanted the slippers to look even more homespun and funky, so I used Manos del Uruguay's Handspun Semi Solid yarn. I think the unevenness of the spin and the variations in the kettle dyed colors add a little cozy character to the slippers.

Adjusting the size of these slippers is so easy that I made a pair for both my husband and me. I'm really looking forward to a cozy winter in our matching slippers!

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Page's Soft Cotton Knit Dishtowels

There's something so beautiful about a soft, well-used vintage dishtowel.  I often find myself marveling at all of their wonderful neutral shades.  Some are a warm cream, others have honey tones and some stone grey.  I especially love their red details and stripes which range from bright tomato red to rich red wine.  My vintage towels were the inspiration for these Soft Cotton Knit Dishtowels which make drying the dishes feel like a luxurious treat.   Enjoy --Page

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Colorful Crafting with Jen: Rickie's Sashiko Pillow

I had Rickie's pillow at my house for a good two months before this photo was taken.  I gave her many reasons for the delay, my camera battery was dead, I didn't get home in time to catch the good light, I needed to change my bedding, it was raining...the list goes on and on. The truth is, every time I looked at the pillow it made me smile, I didn't want to give it back!   

To create this charming pillow Rickie started with our Olympus Sashiko Sampler, White Hana-Zashi, but when it came to choosing thread she decided to forgo tradition (which would call for navy blue) and instead used 6 cheerful and vibrant colors.  She framed the finished stitching in a pillowcase of Tencel Linen from Robert Kauffman and closed it up with a 12-inch, Turquoise non-separating nylon zipper.

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Whit's Knits: Felted Christmas Trees

This year I wanted to make something that my son would always associate with Christmas's approach; something that every year he would see me pull out of a box that would bring the smell of pine to his nose and the warmth of a fire to his feet; something that would get him giddy for Santa Claus and snowmen; something that would elevate itself to the level of treasured heirloom, not because it's fancy but because it is loved.

These trees are lots of fun to make. You get to knit them up on big needles, nice and loose, then you get to decorate them with lots of pretty French knots and, finally, you get to feel the surprise of pulling them out of the washing machine, transformed into fuzzy little trees!  Enjoy! -- Whitney

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Molly's Sketchbook: A Daisy Halloween Costume

I came up with this daisy head dress and (purl)bee pin because I like the idea of a child being able to wear something comfortable like a leotard or tee-shirt and transforming it into a whimsical Halloween costume with a few simple additions. This is also a very easy to sew project since it's made mostly out of wool felt which doesn't need to be hemmed (plus it comes in the most wonderful vivid colors!). With comfort in mind I lined the headband of the daisy head-dress so the wool felt wouldn't itch and added ribbons to tie it in place. Happy Halloween! --Molly

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