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Whit's Knits: Bulky Baby Blankets

I love thick and squishy baby blankets. They keep babies cozy in cold weather, of course, and they're fast to knit, which is always a welcome bonus; but, best of all, they are perfect floor mats for young babies who haven't yet discovered their locomotive skills. I'm always reaching for the plushest blankets I have so I can set Bear down wherever I need to be. I get to keep an eye on him, and he gets to experience new vantage points from his luxurious travelling rugs.

Spud & Chloe's Outer is the ultimate yarn for this purpose. A blend of superwash wool and organic cotton, it is honestly soft enough for sensitive baby skin. It makes a bulky blanket with wonderful loft and padding, as well as rustic beauty.

The borders are made out of Spud & Chloe's Sweater yarn doubled. Also a superwash wool/cotton blend, I used it because it comes in lots of great, kicky colors and gives a nice neat finish to the edges.


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Announcing Charley Harper Needlepoint Canvases at Purl! 

Updated on July 29, 2009 by Registered Commenterpurl bee

For some time now here at Purl, we've been bursting with enthusiasm about the subject of needlepoint. We are so thrilled to announce that we now have a breathtaking selection of handpainted needlepoint canvases based on the amazing work of the renowned late illustrator Charley Harper. We've been anxiously awaiting their arrival since January, but because each canvas is meticulously handpainted, we had to contain our excitement until now. Finally they are ready to share with you!  (You can find our entire collection right here). The design above is our first completed sample, it's called Rainforest Birds. This sample was one of those all Purl projects that many people had a hand in. We had to fight over who got to start it! Our resident needlepoint expert, Nikki, (and the manager of Purl Patchwork) won and she stitched most of the birds. Then Joelle took over finishing the birds and starting on the background, and finally Molly stepped in to finish it up. We stitched it entirely in our new collection of Paternayan Needlepoint Yarn which comes in over 400 rich and stunning colors (please see below for a color key with the exact colors we used if you'd like to make one like ours, you can download and print the color key full size here.).


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Molly's Sketchbook: Woven Felt Placemats

Handmade placemats are a great way to add some color and a unique touch to your table. I wanted to create a modern set that would work well for outdoor dining in the summer that would also be easy to make. These woven felt placemats require no sewing so they can be a fun all-family project!

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Colorful Crafting with Jen: Summer Shimmer Scarf

A few months ago we received Pearl from Lorna's Laces, a worsted weight blend of silk and bamboo that drapes and shimmers like water over river stones. As soon as it came in I picked out a skein in my favorite color, Envy, and added it to my "someday soon" project basket. I thought about what I wanted to make and decided that I wanted to make a summer scarf that took only one skein, something simple and lacy. While I've done a ton of yarn-overs in my knitting career I have never actually made anything that would truly be considered to be lace so I was pleased to find that not only was this Zig Zag Lace Trellis pattern pretty, it was also very easy! For those of you, who like me, have been wanting to stick your toe into lace knitting, this is the perfect introduction. The yarn is wonderful to work with, the pattern is simple, and you'll be done with your scarf in no time! --Jen

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Molly's Sketchbook: Fourth of July Baby Sun Hat

I made this hat for my friend Bear out of the versatile, sturdy Kona Cotton Essex which comes in great reds, whites, and blues. It's a cotton linen blend so it has some body and it's totally easy to care for, just throw it in the wash after the fireworks.

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