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Cable Cast On

A Cable Cast On is a good way to cast on stitches in the middle of your knitting.  Often a pattern asks you to be knitting along and then says, cast on some number of stitches. I almost always use a Cable Cast On in that situation. This example comes from our Baby Bloomers Project Journal.

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Long Tail Cast On

Knitting begins with the cast on.  Like many knitting techniques, there are lots of ways to cast on; we thought we'd just start with this one.  Any yarn and any needles will do.  Just be patient and don't pull too tight on the yarn. 

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Provisional Cast On

A provisional cast-on keeps cast-on stitches "live" so that they can be knit later. It's a very useful technique when you're not sure what kind of edging you'll want or how long to make something. With a provisional cast-on, you can make these decisions at the end of a project, allowing you to respond to the actual garment. I made this tutorial to go with my 70's Ski Hat Project Journal, the provisional cast-on is used to make a cashmere lining for the hat.

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