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Knitting Tutorials: Finishing Techniques

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Kitchener Stitch (video tutorial)
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Mattress Stitch (video tutorial)
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Zippers in Knits

(also see the 3-Needle Bind Off tutorial in Bind Offs)
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Zippers in Knits

One of our regular (and favorite!) customers, Sheri, came in to Purl the other day with an immaculately knit sweater in one hand and a ready-to-go zipper in the other. She was a little daunted, and no wonder - when it came time to sew in the zipper, her pattern instructed her to take everything to a tailor!

Instead of running to your nearest expert, why not become one yourself? Sewing in a zipper doesn't require an apprenticeship with an Italian suit maker, or some kind of fashion degree - it's easy!

This tutorial comes from the SNUGGLE SACK project and so uses a non-separating zipper, but the instructions are the same for a separating zipper. Also, this tutorial only deals with zippers that already fit the knit piece; it doesn't explain how to custom cut a zipper. Maybe next time!

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