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Swatching for Gauge

Measuring a gauge swatch is really no big deal, and it can yield essential information for your knitting designs.  Here is a simple explanation for making and measuring a gauge swatch.

First of all, it helps to know what GAUGE (pronounced gay-juh) means.  In knitting and crochet, gauge refers to the approximate number of stitches per inch (or 4 inches) horizontally, and how many rows per inch (or 4 inches) vertically, in a fabric. 

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Tension: A Not-Too-Tight Tutorial

Tension can determine the size, shape, and longevity of your project.  The size needles you use, the fibers that make up your yarn, even your mood -- all of these variables affect the tension of your knitting.  It is as personal as your handwriting, and it can change with each project. 

Finding the correct tension for specific patterns and projects is easy. Here are a few simple guidelines to help you along.

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