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Double Pointed Needles

The dreaded double pointed needles! Learning to use double pointed needles is probably the biggest leap a beginner knitter can take into the world beyond scarves. Hats, sleeves, mittens, gloves, socks... all pretty much require the use of double pointed needles. So if you're ready, here we go!

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Stripes in the Round

If you have never knit stripes, or have never been satisfied with how you have been knitting them, you might find these basic tips helpful. (By the way, this isn't a tutorial on the "Jogless Jog", which is a way of eliminating the imperfect way stripes meet at the end of the round. Maybe another time!)

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Swatching for Circular Gauge

After years of knitting, I made the very useful discovery that I am a pretty loose purler and a kind of tight knitter. I know there are other imperfectly balanced knitters out there because I encounter your frustration and confusion all the time at Purl. You knitted your swatch, you carefully counted your stitches, you did everything you were supposed to do, and yet somehow your gauge took on a life of its own and now your sweater would fit a small hippopotamus!

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