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Sewing Errata

We do our very best to make error-free patterns, but sometimes something will slip through the cracks. Please search our patterns below (organized alphabetically) for any updates! Thank You.

Purl Soho Women’s Robe

attachment-53d298f6e4b05818c547e748May 13, 2014

Under CUT, the dimensions for the Belt pieces (7a and 7b) have changed to 6 inches by 35 (36, 37, 38 39) inches.

Linen Gauze Wrap

attachment-53d298eae4b05818c547c821August 26, 2014

In the PIECE THE WRAP section the following additions have been made . . .

“Sew along the pinned line 1/4 inch from the raw edge twice.

“Remove the pins and turn the scarf over. Now sew 1/4 inch from the raw edge on the other side twice.”

Super Easy Sewn Blanket for Beginners

super-easy-sewn-blanket-banner-600-7August 26, 2014

Under QUILT, Step 2 has changed to “Use the non-slip ruler to measure 6 1/2 inches from the left edge along the seam between Color A and B . . . ”

Step 3 has changed to “Continue to place pins equidistantly across the entire length of the seam.”

City Gym Shorts for All Ages

attachment-53d298eae4b05818c547c84cSeptember 2, 2014

In the CUT section, the Waistband measurement for Kids’ size 11 has been added as 33 1/2 inches. A measurement for the bias strips for Kids’ size 11 has also been added as 48 inches.



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