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Whit's Knits: Simple Cotton Bath Mat


This bath mat couldn't really be easier to knit or more satisfying to complete. You end up with a real life, fully functional bath mat! Pretty cool! It's made out of easy-to-care-for cotton and has a perfect thickness and density to it. It makes me feel like I just snuck into a Ritz Carlton!


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Molly's Sketchbook: Sampler Pillows


One of my all time favorite craft books is The Constance Howard Book of Stitches. I find it a never ending inspiration. All of the pictures in the book are in black and white but they show the most creative embroidery stitches and opened me up to the idea of two (or more) color embroidery, which is something I'd never really thought of before.

After experimenting with two color embroidery and finding my favorite stitches I wanted a project to show them off. I love my vintage embroidered pillow cases (you can see them in this picture of my Around the Wool Blanket ) so I decided to make a modern version of them on some earthy linen pillow cases. Instead of embroidering something traditional like flowers I just sewed many lines using different stitches. I  like to think of them as embroidery samplers in action!

If you'd like to learn some of these exciting new stitches check out my Two Color Embroidery Tutorial.

And if you'd like to make some Sampler Pillows using your new stitch skills just keep reading! -Molly

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Molly's Sketchbook: A Party Garland

This whimsical garland would be a perfect decoration for a child's birthday party, a wedding, a holiday celebration or a baby shower. The fun bright colors and different sizes and shapes will make any space more festive and inviting! Enjoy --Molly


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Whit's Knits: Toadstool Baby Rattle

It's Mushroom Week at the Purl Bee! Mushrooms, with their friendly shapes and rainbow array of colors, are pretty irresistible. As homes for fairies everywhere, mushrooms hold a special place in children's imaginations. As we grow up our fascination with mushrooms extends into more culinary or scientific directions, but I think those early stories of wood nymphs grabbing shelter from a sudden rainstorm under the eaves of a toadstool might have something to do with a lifelong attraction for mushrooms.

It occurred to me recently that mushrooms are nature's perfectly engineered baby rattles. An ergonomic handle, an amusing bouncey cap with room to accommodate a noise maker, and a welcome canvas for color and decoration. To carry out my vision, I used Koigu Premium Merino because no one makes better colors, and it won't irritate a baby's skin. This project is also accompanied by our new Double Pointed Needles Tutorial. If you've never used double pointed needles, but have always wanted to try, now is a great opportunity!  

I always say that projects are fun, but this, I assure you, is fun! Make one for your next baby shower. You'll see!! --Whitney

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Felted Mushrooms from Kathryn Ivy

These lovely felted mushrooms created by Kathryn Ivy look great in many different color palettes.  We had fun choosing ours from a wide spectrum of natural organic colors to rich playful colors.  It's amazing how both extremes are just as beautiful and truly feel like they belong in nature. The red spotted mushroom above is one of my favorites! I needle felted the spots onto the cap with cream color roving.  Please see Kathryn Ivy's Blog for the complete (and free!) patterns.

Bell Shaped Mushrooms

These are all bell-shaped caps.  They all have medium stems.  The cream colored mushroom has the large bell-shaped cap and the pink and taupe mushrooms are small bell-shaped caps.  As you can see, the size difference between the small and large cap is minimal.


Rounded Cap Mushrooms

All three of these are the rounded cap mushrooms.  The orange one has a tall stem and the brown and green mushrooms have medium stems.



Large Bell Shaped Mushrooms

We love the fun colors of these mushrooms which actually exist in nature!  The yellow mushroom is the large bell-shaped cap and the orange is the modified version of the same pattern that I give instructions for below.

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