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Molly's Sketchbook: Giving Holiday Cookies

Christmas can be stressful, but taking some time to bake with my friends and family is one of the great joys of the season for me. I use leftover yarn and fabric from Christmas projects to wrap up my goodies. I love transforming simple things like paper lunch bags and leftover yarn and fabric scraps to create charming gift packages almost as much as I love turning flour, butter, sugar, and eggs into cookies! It's a fun and inexpensive way to spread some delicious holiday cheer. Happy Holidays! --Molly

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Whit's Knits: The Eleventh Hour Scarf

I wanted to come up with an idea that would answer the pressing need of the last minute gift without sacrificing quality, a gift that we can give without sheepishness or apologies. In fact, one that will be given with pride and received with gratitude, and one that, not insignificantly, you can start at the beginning of a movie and finish before the final credits roll! -Whitney

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Super Easy Snowflake Stocking

Each year my friend Jodi and I make felt stockings for friends and family. We find felt so easy and satisfying to work with so we never tire of making them. We're both last minute Charlies so it's great that we can whip up a few of these in one evening! Each year we change the theme of the stockings since the possibilities of shapes you can make with felt are endless. This is mostly thanks to fact that it has a finished edge simply by cutting it. The pink and cream color palette we chose for the Purl Bee Christmas just enhanced how clean and contemporary our felt stockings feel.

Snowflakes are one of our themes for Christmas week on the Purl Bee and I had a great time figuring out how to make delicate snowflakes from felt to adorn these stockings. The beauty of the snowflakes is that they look as though they took hours to make each one when they were actually really quick and easy! 

Happy Holidays! --Page

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Molly's Sketchbook: Two Sided Felt Snowflakes

Just like real snowflakes each one of these ornaments is unique. One side is pink on white the other white on pink. You can create your own blizzard in a snap! --Molly

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Whit's Knits: Festive Felted Garland

The soothing pleasure of handling merino fleece, the rhythmic motion of needle felting, and the magical transformation from fleece to ball combine to make this a really satisfying (and relaxing) project. A great reminder to slow down and have some fun, whether you're decorating for Christmas, a birthday celebration, or any old time of the year.

This is a wonderful communal project, easy enough for kids and for not-so-crafty friends. So get the whole family involved or invite some friends over for a felting party. The beautiful hand made garland you end up with is just an added bonus!


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