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Molly's Sketchbook: Back to School Lunch Bag

School is starting and that means lots of new things: a new teacher, new clothes, and new school supplies. We thought we'd add to all the excitement by making a new re-usable, totally washable lunch bag!

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Mary Lou's Holiday Stocking

This charming Holiday Stocking pattern was created for The Purl Bee by Mary Lou Risely, a longtime teacher at, and dear friend of, Purl. If all of these techniques are new to you, we're offering a class to make this stocking at Purl, you can read all about it at this link. --Thank you Mary Lou!

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Whit's Knits: Log Cabin Washcloths

Knitting these washcloths has been the most crafting fun I've had in a long time. Making a log cabin pattern is easy, surprising and very meditative. You really get into the flow! I learned the technique from the always inspiring (and hilarious) ladies of Mason Dixon Knitting, Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne. They devote a whole chapter of their first book to the practice, writing so enthusiastically on the subject that knitting a log cabin something went straight to the top of my list.

While the log cabin pattern has a certain architectural genius, the even more fascinating aspect of the project for me is the way a color morphs depending on its size and neighbor. A small pink square surrounded by a field of cream, outlined by sherbet orange strangely becomes a glowing lavender. When the same pink surrounds a big square of watermelon, it fades to the color of an old ballet slipper.

All of this brought to mind the artist, colorist and influential teacher, Josef Albers, who spent his life exploring these ever evolving relationships. His beautifully subtle paintings of squares within squares may excite some unusual color choices! Check out his Foundation's web site for ideas.

I used Rowan's machine washable Handknit Cotton to make these two sets of washcloths. It's wonderfully soft and practical at the same time, gentle enough for the face and body, but durable enough to hold up to wear and tear. Other great cotton choices would be Rowan's Cotton Glace, Pima Cotton, or Purelife Organic Cotton DK or Blue Sky's Skinny Cotton. For all of these I would use a needle one size smaller and expect a slightly diminished finished size.

Whatever cotton you choose, you'll be happy to have these washcloths up your sleeve for weddings, baby showers, housewarmings and birthdays. With a gorgeous bar of soap, it's a wonderful present!

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Wren Handmade: Crocheted Bracelets

The breathtaking pieces of the extremely talented and generous artist, Laura Normandin, include paper goods, granny square art, jewelry, handmade dolls, and these wonderfully charming crocheted bracelets that she has kindly agreed to teach us to make. Influenced by larger scale handicrafts that surrounded her during her youth, Laura's refined, miniature creations leave you speechless.

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Molly's Sketchbook: Tooth Fairy Bags

We thought we'd try to make the whole Tooth Fairy ritual a little more fun by making a colorful bag complete with a special tooth-shaped pocket for the baby tooth. The Tooth Fairy can take away the tooth and leave the loot in the bag.

This is a really quick project. So quick that you might want to whip up a few in different colors for the different kids (and teeth!) in your life.

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