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Liberty of London Swatch Portraits

In our teeny-tiny fabric shop, Purl Patchwork, it is a challenge to find fresh ideas to display our favorite products in customer-friendly ways.  We were really scratching our heads when a bunch of new Tana Lawn prints from Liberty of London arrived last week on unruly five-foot-tall bolts!   Our solution:  we filled a handful of simple wooden embroidery hoops with swatches of fabric and displayed them all on the wall like a family portrait gallery. 

These swatch portraits are so easy to make and they make great gifts too! Enjoy!


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Arctic Fox Vest


Purl Critter


Our new friend is mischievous sort, always getting into our yarn and running off with our measuring tape.  Make him red, brown, black, or white, and he can be a fox, bear, cat, or raccoon.  Give him a smile and he'll be a faithful friend. 

Purl Critter is lovingly knit from top to toe and stands 12 inches tall, just like the Purl Rabbit.  These boon companions compliment each other perfectly: fuzzy yarn and smooth cotton.  Their funny ears and crooked smiles invite a laugh.  We hope they stay out of trouble!

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Angora Baby Booties

These baby booties dangle near the front window at Purl, showing off their fuzzy fibers. Belangor 100% Angora comes from French Angora rabbits; the fibers are so lofty they don't even require cutting, just regular combing.  An abundance of colors and a hard-to-beat texture makes this yarn a wonderful fiber for knitting and wearing. 

lmkg.jpgBaby booties, from Joelle's Last Minute Knitted Gifts, are the perfect way to incorporate angora into a baby project.  They require only one skein of yarn and an hour or two to make.

Your baby friend's feet will be fuzzy as Peter Rabbit himself.


Purl Rabbit Raglan Sweater


This raglan sweater pattern is exactly the same as a human-sized pattern, just smaller.  Try this doll-sized pattern as practice for a cardigan of your own!

NOTE: If you are interested in the quilt that serves as a backdrop for Purl Rabbit, you can find the Bento Box Quilt Pattern at

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