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The Purl Bee's Best of 2013!

What?! Another year gone by? Impossible! It seems a year slips by in a blink, and in its wake we find a treasure trove of Purl Bee projects, some almost forgotten, they seem so long ago. That's why this week we're combing our archives, reacquainting ourselves with the old fruits of our labors and reminding our readers of some of this year's highlights. From a quirky hedgehog to a classic pinwheel quilt, and from simple friendship bracelets to sophisticated scarves, here's a look back on some of our very favorite projects from 2013!

Top Row (above): Slip Stitch Dishtowels, Wool and Liberty Teddy Bear, Braided Friendship Bracelets and Reversible Stripes Scarf

Second Row: Winter Baby Bonnet, Everyday Tote, Knit Hedgehogs and Needlepoint Houses

Third Row: Denim Pinwheel Quilt, Amazing Seed Stitch Wrap, Liberty Backpacks and Woven Scarf

Bottom Row: Knit Octopus, Pointy Hats for Newborns, The Sweatshirt Sweater and Bobby Pin Butterflies

This past year on the Bee we found tons of inspiration from, not one, not two, but three new Purl Soho yarns. To the Super Soft Merino collection-of-one, we added Worsted Twist, Line Weight and Alpaca Pure. Each one came with its own special properties: Worsted Twist's classic heartiness, Line Weight's soft elegance and Alpaca Pure's decandence, these incredible yarns could only turn into incredible projects! Remember these?

Top Row (above): Brioche Scarf, Long Lovely Mittens and Brioche Vest

Second Row: The Purl Soho Reversible Hat, The Purl Soho Cardigan Coat + Vest and Color Tipped Scarves

Third Row: Structured Alpaca Cowl, Woven Plaid Scarf and Purl Soho Basic Hats for Everyone

Bottom Row: Hat and Hand Warmers for Beginners, Crocheted Rib Cowl and The Purl Soho Pullover

Did we forget anything? Let us know if we missed your favorites! May 2014 bring a whole new list and happy New Year!


Purl Soho Kits, Share the Love!

If you're reading this, you probably know the love of crafting: the flash of inspiration, the all-consuming obsession, the sweet satisfaction. What if you could package this particular joy? What if you could give a creative spark to the people you care about most? That would indeed be the Christmas spirit!

Purl Soho Kits are the perfect vehicle for crafting bliss: superb materials and wonderfully explicit instructions, packaged in a sturdy, reusable cardboard tube. For knitters, sewists, embroiderers and needlepointers; for beginners and old pros; for men, women and children, our kits are just right for giving! All six are pictured above. They are...

Top Row: Advent Calendar Kit and Smocked Dress and Shirt Kit

Middle Row: Learn to Knit and 4 Seasons of Embroidery

Bottom Row: Needlepoint Houses Kit and Hat and Hand Warmers for Beginners

Knits and purls, chain stitches and slip knots, merino and linen, what a merry Christmas! Share the love!


Last Minute Handmade Gifts

Wouldn't it be lovely if there were a parallel crafting universe where time expanded into endless hours of exuberant creative activity? And wouldn't it be especially nice if this universe would reveal itself right about now, the moment our holiday gift list is crystallizing into a very long holiday gift list?

Alas, this is a Christmas miracle that is not bound to happen, and so, we consider Plan B: a whole lot of beautiful craft ideas that don't require a warp in the time-space continuum to complete! These project ideas range from fairly quick to extremely quick, and all of them are designed to give with pride and love. Some of our favorites are pictured above. They are...

Top row: Cozy Ear Flap Hat, Felt Flower Sachets, and Liberty Backpacks

Middle row: Braided Friendship Bracelets, Myrtle the Purl Turtle, and Color Tipped Scarf

Bottom Row: Neon Inside Out Bag, Heirloom Needle Case, and Snowflower Ornaments

And so that no one gets left out, there are more! Pictured above...

Top Row: Hostess Lap Duvets and Purl Soho Basic Hats for Everyone

Middle Row: Lovely Ribbed Cowl in Worsted Twist and Cashmere Cuff

Bottom Row: Knit Hedgehogs and Crocheted Ribbed Cowl

A little bit of everything for everyone... We can't offer you extra hours on the clock, but some well-timed inspiration is a close second! Happy crafting!


The Best of Summer Crafting!

This summer we’re looking forward to a relaxing season filled with picnics, fireworks, roadtrips, and of course, crafting. When it’s hot and we’re on the go, we say yes to portable, breezy and fun and no to hot, chunky and heavy! Here are our favorite summertime craft projects, great for the passenger seat, the pool chair, or the hammock!

Projects are listed from left to right, top row to bottom row.

Friendship Bracelets

Inspired by a childhood fashion trend, Molly’s Friendship Bracelets are quite possibly the world’s most perfect travel project. With just your hands and some embroidery floss, you’ll be on the road to having your own stack of pretty bangles!

Pom Pom Peds

These adorable Pom Pom Peds are a fun and action-packed little project, perfect for knitting on the go. They’re also a great first sock project if you’re feeling up for a little summer school!

Bamboo Wedding Shawl

The very best way to make a wedding memorable is to infuse it with details that come from the heart. This Bamboo Wedding Shawl is just such an infusion! The cool drape of Habu Bamboo is especially elegant, while the simple lace pattern is utterly timeless. (And unlike the wedding dress, you’ll actually wear it again!)

Cap Sleeve Lattice Top

Laura’s Cap Sleeve Lattice Top is the perfect simple knit for summer lolly-gagging. Knit it up the back, over the shoulders and down the front, two seams, and you’re done! Then pop it on anytime, in warmer months as a slip of a sweater and in cooler months as a layering essential!

Citrus Coasters

Molly designed these charming felt Citrus Coasters for summertime get-togethers. Think sun tea and lemonade, friends and family! These coasters are so simple and portable that you can whip them up in the car, on a plane or at the beach!

Tiny Triangle Dress

Inspired by a traditional pillowcase dress, Molly’s Tiny Triangle Dress is designed for hot days and cool babies! In Libery of London’s Tana Lawn, this little shift is as fresh as a breeze and as pretty as a summer day. 

D Ring Belts

Ultra quick and cute, these fun belts could not be easier to sew or love. With just some Cotton Webbing and a couple of D Rings, a summer fashion craze is born!

Picnic Roll

From Griffith Park to Prospect Park, it’s picnic season! This festive Picnic Roll is  easy to sew, easy to haul and easy to wash. In a sturdy Organic Cotton Duck, this is a perfectly practical summer project.

Silken Straw Sweater

Whitney answers the age-old question of what to knit in the heat with her beautiful Silken Straw Sweater. Adored for its gorgeous hand dyed color and one-of-a-kind texture, Alchemy’s Silken Straw is also cool and crisp, just right for hot and humid!



The Purl Bee's Best of 2012!

We had another whirlwind year here at the Purl Bee! Two thousand and twelve proved to be not only our most productive year yet, but also our most inspired. Always hoping to design the very thing that would spark your creative fire, our imaginations traveled far and wide this year. From waddling penguins to sophisticated cowls, here's a look back on some of our very favorite projects...

Top row: Windowpane Wholecloth Baby Quilt, Cap Sleeve Lattice Top, Brioche Cowl, Liberty and Wool Lap Duvets

Second Row: Lavender Sachets, Men's Mini Herringbone Scarf, Purl Bee Penguin, Easy Pullover for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Third Row: White Caps Cowl, Infant Mittens, Whisper Wrap, Broken Dishes Baby Quilt

Bottom Row: Bear's Rainbow Blanket, Reversible Sashiko Placemats, Forty Minute Tote, Little Cable Knee Highs

This year also brought the exciting arrival of Purl Soho's very own yarn, Super Soft Merino! Its sumptuous depth and vibrant palette brought out the very best in our creative energies. One-skein hand warmers, hats for the whole family, and even a Giant, Giant Granny Square Blanket that truly lives up to its name, Super Soft Merino inspired our coziest designs of the year!

Top Row: Garter Gaiter, Chevron Baby Blanket in Merino, Snowflake Scarf

Middle Row: Hats for Everyone!, Super Simple Super Soft Merino Baby Hat, Super Easy Crib Blanket

Bottom Row: Super Soft Merino Hand Warmers, Fluted Cowl, Giant, Giant Granny Square Blanket

And this year's best addition to our online store? Hands down, it had to be our Shop By Color feature! Since we love color as much as you do, we understood that being able to filter products by color would be a very welcome improvement to the online experience. And so, we put the rainbow in your hands, making every color as searchable online as it is on a shelf. Amazing!

Did we forget anything? Let us know if we missed your favorites! And have a very warm and happy New Year!