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The Best of Men's Holiday Knits

To most people it may seem a little early to be thinking of Christmas trees, dreidels, and sleigh bells, but as knitters are aware, it’s never too soon to start knitting holiday gifts! And we all know that some of the hardest people to check off the list are the men in our lives. Not only are they surprisingly particular, but it can also be pretty difficult to find basic, classic patterns geared toward men. So, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Purl Bee patterns specially designed for the fellows. Simple and handsome, each one is sure to be loved and appreciated!

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The Best of Thanksgiving Projects!

It seems that as soon as we blow out the jack o’lantern’s candle, we’re on to Thanksgiving! But as we plan our seating chart, order the Turkey and research the best recipe for pumpkin pie, it’s also nice to enjoy the warm and cozy feeling of the holiday with some festive crafting projects. Here’s a list of our favorites from years past. We hope it gets you in a Thanksgiving kind of mood!

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Molly's Sketchbook: Best of Back to Campus Projects!

Whether your favorite student is moving across the country or attending the local community college, our favorite Back to Campus projects lend a little bit of homespun goodwill to the whole college experience. From pretty electronics covers to sporty leg warmers, these ideas will get them through the first semester is made-with-love style!

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Summer Road Trip Projects!

With Memorial Day weekend right around the corner, our minds have turned to the great, time-honored tradition of the road trip! The cooler might leak and the kids might complain, but the sense of freedom and adventure you get from hitting the open road is truly one of the season's great pleasures.

Of course, car time is also craft time! And so in preparation for summer travel, we’ve collected our most road trip-friendly projects, from quick and colorful crocheted trivets to breezy hand sewn coasters. Whether you’re visiting the Grand Canyon or just the next area code, we’ve got you covered! 

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The Best of The Purl Bee Mother's Day Projects

Often it was our mothers and grandmothers who first introduced us to the crafts we love. For instance, my own mother taught me how to knit when I was about eight. I used some fabulously wild blue yarn to make my “scarf”, which consisted mostly of dropped and twisted stitches. But my mom encouraged me nonetheless, and I’m so happy that she did! Because of this creative legacy, giving our mothers handmade presents is extra meaningful, and so for this Mother's Day we rounded up some of our favorite projects, each one perfect for our dear moms! 

Happy Mother’s Day!-- Molly

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