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Laura's Loop: Shawl Collar Cowl

A few days ago a friend of mine sent me a picture of some wool socks with an accompanying message, "Today is the greatest day." Now, these socks weren't a gift from me or made by me; they weren't even handmade at all. But I knew exactly why he was so excited. I knew, because it's how I feel about neckwear: Fall is here! I get to wear wool again!
While Brian is happily slipping his feet into thick cozy socks, I am joyfully layering up with my new Shawl Collar Cowl. Unabashedly inspired by my college days of yore, this piece harkens back to treking across campus for early morning class, tailgating for the big game, apple picking and other such quaint and collegiate autumnal activities. 
The Shawl Collar Cowl shamelessly conjures the classic 'New England professor', if there is such a thing. The gray ribbed exterior transitions into a smooth, creamy white stockinette interior. Folded over and wrapped around, you'll be outstandingly warm, but not weighted down! This cowl is knit up in the nearly weightless Blue Sky Techno, a feather-light cloud of baby alpaca, extra-fine merino and silk.  
It may not be quite cold enough here in New York for wool socks, but it certainly is for some knit neckwear. You won't catch me without a scarf or cowl, shawl or dickie for the next six or so months. If you want to add the Shawl Collar Cowl to your woolen accessory collection, you can find the full pattern just below!

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Whit's Knits: Thank You Hats

Every now and then someone enters our lives to help us through a tough spot, to somehow give what we need when we need it. These hats are for those people! They express gratitude in the way that only something made with our own hands can. They say "Thank you. No, really... thank you."

The need for such a hat is upon me. I broke my foot last year, and since then, my physical therapist has become, not only the person I spend more time with than any other non-family member, but also my coach and cheerleader. And now that our time together is nearly up, words just don't seem enough to tell her how grateful I am. I hope a hand knit hat will take her through the winter knowing how appreciated she really is!

The Simple Rib Hat is sized for most women and some men and really only takes a few hours to whip up. Just one skein of Blue Sky's beautiful Worsted Hand Dyes makes an incredibly soft and cozy hat!

And the Big Rib Hat, which is sized for most men and some women, is made out of Swans Island's spectacular Worsted. One hundred percent organic merino wool, this yarn is special for its gorgeous all natural dyes and unbelievable softness.

Maybe for you it's a teacher who cared enough to recognize something special in your child; or a neighbor who watched your dog when you suddenly had to leave town for a week; or a nurse who brought laughter and hope to your parent through a difficult hospital stay. Whoever it is, a quick knit goes a long way!

Let us know who you want to thank; we'd love to know!

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Amy Gropp Forbes of Eclectic Mom: Braided Cowl for Kids

Although it is hard to imagine, fall is right around the corner, and nothing beats a cozy hand knit cowl for keeping you warm. I particularly like cowls for kids; they look great and somehow seem easier to manage than a scarf.

This is a perfect project for a weekend away... it takes just one skein of yarn and only a few hours to knit. The chunky yarn and simple braid add lots of texture, and I just love Blue Sky Worsted with its subtle hand dyed variations and super soft touch! Enjoy! - Amy of Eclectic Mom

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Whit's Knits: Big Pink Pig

I know that in person pigs can be... well, a bit much. But in theory, pigs are just amusing. Their pot bellies and stubby snouts, their floppy ears and rosy hue, their lollygagging in the mud and snorting in the dirt, it's all totally lovable!

That's why designing this Big Pink Pig was so much fun. The third in my collection of my giant gumdrop animals, this one is maybe my favorite! I love the cool mystery of the Big Snowy Owl and the sweet innocence of the Big Cuddly Bunny, but this guy has it all. He's goofy and mischievous with a deep well of knowingness.

Knit up in Blue Sky's extra cuddly Bulky, the Big Pink Pig comes together in no time, all ready for hugs and snuggles! - Whitney

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Whit's Knits: Mother's Day Washcloths

Not much is humbler than a washcloth. A small square of fabric drenched, soaped and wrung, it may not be glamorous, but a washcloth is one of the day's small pleasures. And when that washcloth is handmade, it is also one of life's pleasures!

Moms are notably deserving of such things. And so with their special day around the bend, I crocheted up this pretty set of Mother's Day Washcloths. Blue Sky's 100% organic Skinny Cotton combines with Habu's very distinctive Natural Cover Cotton for a vintage look with a modern edge.

Paired with beautiful soaps, your mom will really feel your love this Mother's Day... and every day!

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