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The Best of Thanksgiving Projects!

It seems that as soon as we blow out the jack o’lantern’s candle, we’re on to Thanksgiving! But as we plan our seating chart, order the Turkey and research the best recipe for pumpkin pie, it’s also nice to enjoy the warm and cozy feeling of the holiday with some festive crafting projects. Here’s a list of our favorites from years past. We hope it gets you in a Thanksgiving kind of mood!

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Molly's Sketchbook: Buttonhole Napkins

Since 2006 it’s been my Thanksgiving tradition to design a festive set of dinner napkins. (Browse the archive here!) The inspiration for this year’s napkins came from an unlikely place: 35,000 feet in the air!

You see, my husband travels a lot for his job, and that means we usually get upgraded when we fly together. He’s pretty used to it, but I’m still super excited each time it happens, marveling at the free packets of socks and the pre-takeoff champagne. Recently, on one such flight, our dinner arrived (complete with metal cutlery, actual glassware, and tiny salt and pepper shakers!), and I looked over to see that Rafael had somehow attached the cloth napkin to his shirt.

     “How is your napkin staying up like that?” I asked.

     “Oh, the napkins have buttonholes,” he said, nonchalantly. My mind was blown. How had I never heard of this before? I knew what I’d be doing when we got home!

These pretty Buttonhole Napkins are perfect for Thanksgiving because not only are they beautiful and seasonal, but no one will go home with gravy stains on their fancy duds! I used our very special new Liberty Half Yard Napkin Bundle in the "Cranberry" colorway which contains six gorgeously detailed prints in a rich palette of russets, purples, and browns. (The bundle also comes in a "Woodland" coloway in cooler, greener hues.) And for fun, I finished each napkin off with hot pink topstitching and buttonholes!

</p> <h2>Materials </span></span></p> <p><br /></p> <p><br /></p> <p>To make a set of twelve 16-inch square napkins:</p> <ul> <li>A Liberty Half Yard Napkin Bundle. I used

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Father's Day Liberty Handkerchief Set

We just can't get enough! Molly recently revamped our Rolled Hem Hankies for Mother's Day, and now, compelled by the beauty of Liberty of London's prints, we're sewing some up for dad too! Hankies for everyone! 

Just as Molly was drawn to the old-fashioned grace of a lady with a pretty hankie, it is hard to not smile at the thought of a charming gentleman unfurling his pocket square. And while it might seem of a different era, Laura's father will tell you that the handkerchief still has a place in this modern world of ours. He is never without one! 

Handkerchiefs are perfectly practical and in Liberty fabrics, they pack a punch too. Super sharp in a summer blazer pocket or peaking out of some lightweight trousers, these hankies will snaz up any outfit. 

They are as delightful to make as they are to sport. All you need is our Father's Day Liberty Hankie Bundle, some thread, a needle and our Rolled Hem Hankie instructions!  Enjoy!

ps- For more Liberty of London inspiration check out our Mother's Day Liberty Handkerchief Set here!


Sparkling Coin Cookies Recipe- Happy Holidays from Purl Soho!

Sharing a holiday cookie recipe with our readers has become something of a Purl Bee tradition. This time of year can slip into a frantic blur of hurried knitting, sewing and finishing, so it’s nice to take a little break from the stress in order to come together to create something simple and tasty. Recently, Joelle, Page, Laura and I met up to make these delightful little Coin Cookies, to talk about our holiday plans, and yes, we’ll admit it, to weave in the ends on a last minute baby sweater too!

Last year's Glittering Sandwich Cookies were so sparkly and special that, this year, we turned again to brightly colored sanding sugar. This stuff is like fairy dust! It takes a simple (but delicious!) sugar cookie and turns it into something spectacular! We also decided to try a healthier whole wheat flour variation, in addition to a traditional white flour version. Both were great! The whole wheat cookies were nutty with a gorgeous parchment color that set off the glittering sugar beautifully, while the white flour cookies were sweet, decadent and classic.  Either kind will make a lovely last minute gift all stacked up in a pretty tower of coins and slipped inside a cellophane bag. 

We used Martha Stewart's Icebox Butter Cookie recipe and substituted almond extract for the vanilla extract.  We like that you can make this dough ahead and keep it in the freezer for up to three weeks before baking it.

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Holiday Gift List 2011, Recap!

Don't miss our Holiday Gift List 2011! Even if you caught it the first time around, check again: there's more! We couldn't resist adding three new products that have arrived just in time for giving: Skacel's new sparkly gold Addi Turbo US size 50s, Sunfelt's amazing Felt Animal Kits, and our very own 2012 Purl Soho Calendar. So, dig into this treasure trove of thoughtful giving ideas. Think about what to give... and what to get!

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