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Mini Quilt of the Month, July: Flying Geese

It might seem counterintuitive, but summer is really a lovely time for making quilts. Working with crisp cool cotton and going at your own pace is a wonderfully relaxing warm weather pastime. When the weather heats up, it feels natural to work on patchwork projects in measured stages. One night you might cut the pieces, the next day perhaps you can sew a few of them together, a week later it's time to piece the blocks and so on. Summer just seems to demand this more relaxed approach, and we're happy to comply!

July's Mini Quilt is especially perfect for summer because of its small, do-able scale and bright, patriotic colors. It is made up entirely of Flying Geese blocks. The Flying Geese design is a beautiful traditional quilt pattern made up of centered triangles surrounded by two corner triangles. The evocative name comes from the center triangle's shape which ends up looking like a flock of geese flying in a V formation.

Every month this year we have been presenting a Mini Quilt of the Month, and this block and quilt are perfect examples of what the series is all about. (To see all the previous Mini Quilts click here.) When we started way back in January we wanted to present beautiful small scale projects that taught useful techniques. Flying Geese fit the bill since it involves some great skills and tricks, none of which are very hard, but all of which will serve you well as you move on to bigger and more complicated projects. Best of all we love that, although each block is so simple on its own, when you combine it with other blocks the optical fun really begins!

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March Mini Quilt of the Month: Masking Tape Quilt

We are so excited about our Mini Quilt project!  Each month this year we are bringing you a pattern for a new mini quilt. These small projects are the perfect way to learn a new skill and make something beautiful in the process. To see all of our Mini Quilts so far please click right here. We are all extra excited about March's Mini offering, this Masking Tape Quilt which was inspired by some beautiful vintage quilts that we admire.  We love how the contrast between the shapes creates play between the foreground and background. For instance, if you focus on the darker shapes the quilt looks like hatch symbols, but if you shift your focus to the lighter shapes the whole thing looks like a series of diamonds that are connected by rectangular pieces. The traditional name of this block is "Churn Dash" but we thought these rectangular pieces looked like little bits of masking tape and so we called it our Mini Masking Tape Quilt. 

This is a great project if you've just started quilting and want to try your hand at a slightly more complicated block. There is nothing very difficult about it but the sewing needs to be fairly precise in order for all of the pieces to fit together neatly. It's kind of like a very fun and creative jigsaw puzzle.

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Mini Quilt of the Month - January: Courthouse Steps 

Quilts often seem a little intimidating, to me at least, because of their size and scale. I'll get inspired to try something but often get discouraged when I think about all the steps involved, from cutting a million little pieces to basting the finished top, to hand finishing the binding. So I was really excited when Joelle and Page approached me about doing a new monthly series on The Purl Bee featuring mini quilts. I love the idea of trying out different quilt ideas on a smaller scale where you can actually finish a bunch of them. It's also a great idea for decorating since they look so cute all hanging together on a wall!

We are always inspired by vintage quilts, their colors, patterns and textures are so incredible and really deserve to be put on the same artistic level as painting.  So, for our very first Mini Quilt of the Month we decided to explore a traditional quilt block called "Courthouse Steps" which takes its name from the stepped pattern it makes. This block is a variation of a log cabin block, which you may be more familiar with, but it's pieced in a slightly different manner.

We are really looking forward to bringing you a new mini quilt project every month this year.  Each one will be thoroughly explained from cutting to finishing so we think they will be a great place to start if you've considered making a quilt but are intimidated by the process. 

Enjoy! -- Molly

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