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Laura's Loop: Heart and Arrow Pin Cushion

Every Valentine's Day, my sweet twanging Southern grandmother used to recite to me:  

"Up the Hickory, Down the Pine, 
Won't you be my Valentine?" 

As a child, I would picture Cupid's arrow, zipping around trees and through limbs, avoiding all obstacles to tag me with her love. After chanting this ditty, Amama would also remind me to treat every day like Valentine's Day, to be sweet and to let your loved ones know you care. This was always followed by a big ol' hug and a "Give me some suga'!"

This Valentine's Day I am sending arrows straight to my loved ones' hearts with my pretty Heart and Arrow PIncushion. This simple Valentine motif is made modern with a funky choice of colors, plucked from Sajou's classic collection of Retors Du Nord cotton embroidery floss. 

Useful, beautiful and meaningful, plus super quick and fun to make, you'll be spreading a whole lot of love this year! Happy Valentine's Day!

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